Drivers: Learn What You Need to Know About Diesel Particulate Filters

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:19 pm

With diesel cars becoming increasingly popular, drivers must be mindful of the potential issues that can arise from Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs). Mandatory since 2009, these filters are necessary to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles. However, DPF clogging can occur if not properly maintained.

Short trips and urban driving are the main cause of DPF clogging due to the frequent stops and low-speed limits. Other factors include poor servicing, using the wrong type of oil, performance modifications, using low-quality fuel, and running the car on low fuel levels.

In order to avoid these possible issues, drivers should be aware that short trips and city driving may be best avoided when purchasing a diesel car. Regular servicing and using the right type of oil is also recommended.

In the event a DPF is clogged, there are two possible methods for maintaining the filter’s performance – DPF Cleaning and Regeneration. Regeneration is an automatic process during which the engine runs at a high temperature to burn off particles within the filter. DPF Cleaning is a service offered by some auto repair shops, which involves injecting a special cleaning agent to remove blockages.

Tektronic Autocentre offers two DPF cleaning options – DPF Maintenance Clean and DPF Deep Clean – to help drivers keep their engines free from build-up. The DPF Maintenance Clean should be used every six months, while the DPF Deep Clean is designed for moderate to severe build-up.

Although DPFs are crucial to reducing emissions, drivers must keep in mind the potential risks of clogging and take steps to prevent it. Regular servicing and the use of the correct type of oil, as well as DPF cleaning services, can help maintain the performance of a Diesel Particulate Filter.

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