Drivers Face Fines of Up to £1,000 for Neglecting Car Cleanliness, Expert Warns

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 08:47 pm

Motorists may find themselves slapped with fines of up to £1,000 if they fail to maintain their vehicles in a clean state, cautioned a car expert.

In accordance with the law, number plates must always be fully visible and easily readable. This is vital as these plates serve as a means of identifying vehicles by law enforcement officers and automated number plate recognition technology.

It is therefore impermissible for drivers to rearrange letters, tamper with them, or alter their spacing in any way.

Those who disregard these regulations could face fines of up to £1,000 and even jeopardise their vehicles’ chances of passing the MOT test.

The Government’s guidelines state: “Number plates (also known as licence plates) must display your registration number accurately. You are not allowed to rearrange or modify the letters or numbers in a way that makes them difficult to read.

“If you drive with incorrectly displayed number plates, you could be fined up to £1,000, and your vehicle will fail its MOT test.”

Jon Kirkbright, the sales director at Platehunter, specializing in buying and selling private number plates, urges motorists to ensure their number plates remain clean and legible, free from any markings or obstructions.

Kirkbright emphasised, “Maintaining a clean car is essential in many ways – just as you wouldn’t drive around with a dirty windscreen or wing mirror, the same rule should apply to your number plate.

“The law specifies that number plates must be easily visible at all times. Drivers cannot manipulate the characters or alter the spacing to resemble other words.

“Equally important is ensuring that the plate remains readable at all times. If your number plate is caked in mud or dirt, it may become illegible, putting you at risk of facing substantial fines.”

The current vehicle registration number format, introduced in 2001, comprises:

  • 2 letters (indicating the region of the vehicle’s initial registration)
  • 2 numbers (indicating the issuance date)
  • 3 random letters

However, this format does not always apply to private registration plates, which can have as little as 1 character.

Platehunter, boasting over 11 years of trading experience and more than 56 million personalised number plates for sale, takes pride in being an affordable number plate supplier. The plates are available starting from just £39 plus VAT and transfer fees.

Motorists seeking a registration plate are encouraged to browse the Platehunter site. Should they fail to find their desired plate, the company offers personalized services based on specific requirements, including the ability to request any number plate from the DVLA for auction, provided it adheres to legal requirements and has not been released previously.

For further assistance with purchasing or selling private number plates, interested individuals can visit PlateHunter‘s website or connect with them on InstagramTwitter or Facebook.

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