“DocHQ broadens its scope to provide cutting-edge health and wellness perks for employees”

DocHQ, a trusted health and wellbeing partner, has announced a new collaboration with 3R Strategy, an independent reward consultancy based in the UK. This partnership will offer innovative remote AI physio, fitness, and health testing solutions to employees through 3R Strategy’s online Pay and Reward Academy marketplace.

As a vendor on 3R Strategy’s platform, DocHQ will provide a comprehensive range of wellbeing solutions for HR managers to offer as benefits to their staff. These solutions integrate advanced technology with medical expertise to address the root causes of employee health concerns, resulting in higher engagement, reduced absenteeism, and improved productivity.

DocHQ Physio offers employees instant access to a team of Chartered Physiotherapists for any discomfort or pain. The service includes AI-guided rehab programs, personalized treatment plans, and virtual consultations with expert physios.

DocHQ Health Checks provides annual health screening and bespoke employee health testing programs supported by certified UK laboratories. Employees receive medically-verified results reports and GP advice on next steps. The at-home health tests cover all aspects of wellbeing, including hormone health, menopause, bowel and prostate cancer, diabetes, and heart health.

DocHQ Fitness offers custom workout programs designed to improve both physical and mental wellbeing for a happier and more productive workforce. The AI-driven plans, virtual coaching, and progress tracking are aimed at motivating employees to achieve their fitness goals effectively and conveniently.

The collaboration with 3R Strategy aligns with DocHQ’s mission to provide holistic health solutions that prioritize the wellbeing of individuals and organizations. Madhur Srivastava, CEO of DocHQ, states, “We are extremely excited to work with 3R Strategy – it marks a huge leap in our commitment to innovative and forward-thinking healthcare for employees.”

Rameez Kaleem, Director of 3R Strategy, adds, “We’re connecting with some brilliant vendors like DocHQ to create one of the most comprehensive lists of pay and reward providers. This will allow HR professionals to make informed decisions about new and exciting benefits, software, and schemes that will benefit their organization and employees most significantly.”

The addition of DocHQ to 3R Strategy’s Pay and Reward Academy is a significant step towards reshaping organizational business cultures and offering more to employees while ensuring they remain fit and healthy.

For more information, please contact:

DocHQ Commercial enquiries:

Joe Stewart

Sales Development Representative, DocHQ

Email: joe.stewart@dochq.co.uk

Tel: 033 00 880645

DocHQ Media enquiries:

Melanie Rutherford

Marketing Manager, DocHQ

Email: melanie.rutherford@dochq.co.uk

Tel: 07791 750301

3R Strategy enquiries:

Emma Wiltshire

Content Executive, 3R Strategy

Email: emma@3r-strategy.com

Tel: 020 3880 6650

Notes to Editors:

About DocHQ:

DocHQ is a UK employee benefits provider that aims to enable people to make informed health choices and improve their quality of life. They specialize in medical technology and offer wellbeing services and solutions for businesses, including physiotherapy, health checks, fitness, nutrition, and travel health.

About 3R Strategy:

3R Strategy is one of the UK’s largest independent pay consultancies, helping organizations attract, retain, and engage their employees through a fair and equitable approach to pay. Their Pay and Reward Academy supports reward professionals and guides HR professionals looking to learn more about pay and reward.

This press release was distributed by Pressat on Thursday, February 15, 2024.

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