DM360 Direct Mail: Elevating Direct Mail Campaign Management

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:18 am

DM360 Direct Mail, the direct mail service provided by the UK’s prominent mail distribution company, Lbox Communications (Lbox), has been thriving since its rebrand in 2022.

Named for its end-to-end management of the complete direct mail spectrum, this comprehensive service is embraced by a diverse array of companies, including  Domino’s PizzaBuilt Environment Communications GroupIHS MarkitDraker Lettings and The Almshouse Association.

The genesis of DM360 Direct Mail followed Lbox’s acquisition of Push Mailing, a former mailing house partner, in February 2021. This acquisition expanded Lbox’s capabilities in mail and hand fulfilment services, data sourcing, management, cleansing, and enhanced its print and delivery capacities.

David King, CEO of Lbox, underscores the significance of the Push Mailing acquisition: “The acquisition of Push Mailing was pivotal in our journey to where we are today. It not only bolstered our capacity to serve existing clients but also paved the way for a more prominent presence in the direct mail market, a natural expansion for our business.”

Miranda Crerar, now Partnership Director at Lbox and formerly associated with Push Mailing, reflects on the synergy of the merger: “Joining the dynamic, rapidly growing Lbox was incredibly exciting. Our shared values and commitment to exceptional customer service made the union seamless, enabling us to deliver even more for our customers.”

With Lbox’s capabilities significantly expanded, DM360 Direct Mail emerged, its name reflecting the all-encompassing, 360-degree approach the company adopts for its direct mail services.

King elucidates the choice of DM360: “We opted for DM360 because our direct mail service genuinely covers the entire spectrum, providing expertise at every stage of campaign creation, execution, and delivery. From initial data sourcing to managing returns and suppressions, we have experts in every facet of direct mail to guide campaigns from inception to completion.”

DM360 Direct Mail offers six core services as part of its comprehensive approach: data sourcing and management, design advisory, print, machine and hand fulfilment, postage, and returns and suppressions.

Notably, DM360 Direct Mail excels in professional data sourcing and management services, offering specialised expertise in Partially Addressed Mail (PAM). By providing geo-demographic data that helps clients identify and target addresses at the postcode level, Lbox is simplifying the process of building a mailing list, connecting brands with new audiences in a cost-effective, data-responsible manner.

King emphasises the dedication to understanding PAM’s nuances: “We’ve invested considerable time and effort into comprehending PAM, enabling our clients to unlock its advantages. Our expertise ensures that clients can identify and reach select groups—sometimes as small as 15 households—without the need for extensive time or expense in capturing specific addresses. This extends the reach of campaigns by up to 30% at no additional cost, tapping into a UK-wide audience of 30 million addresses while complying with GDPR.”

What sets DM360 Direct Mail apart as a true turnkey solution is the flexibility it offers to customers. They can opt for the full suite of services for their campaign or cherry-pick the services they require.

Crerar emphasises this flexibility: “Adaptability was a top priority in conceiving DM360 Direct Mail. We wanted to be able to cater to everyone’s needs, whether they want us to seamlessly integrate into their existing framework or take full ownership of managing their campaigns. Our process, your way.”

DM360 Direct Mail is empowering companies across various sectors, including franchises, retail, estate agencies, publishers, and charities, to unlock the potential of direct mail in the modern era.

King notes the enduring influence of direct mail amidst the deluge of digital media: “In a world saturated with daily exposure to digital media and marketing, many tend to overlook the enduring power of direct mail. It can be argued that in an era of digital saturation, the tangible nature of direct mail is more novel and appealing to modern audiences. When combined with the trustworthiness associated with mail, it often makes these materials more unique, memorable, and engaging.”

“The objective of DM360 Direct Mail is to optimize the data, costs, and processes involved in setting up and executing our customers’ campaigns, allowing them to maximize ROI and harness the full potential of this tried-and-tested channel.”

To learn more about DM360 Direct Mail and its array of services, visit the Lbox Communications website.

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