Dixa Promises To ‘Fix Broken Customer Service Market’

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:11 pm

Dixa, a company that has billed itself as the answer to the US’ customer service woes, has expanded its operation stateside.

The Nordic company’s stated aim is to revolutionise customer service, by providing a platform that allows for consumer-facing brands to serve customers across multiple channels from a single screen.

As part of their plans, they are expanding right across the United States, with sales teams throughout the country and a new headquarters in New York. This move comes after the company’s $15m acquisition of knowledge management company Elevio.

Dixa, who is backed by Notion Capital, Project A Ventures and SEED Capital, has already made several eye-catching recruitment moves. Among them are iPath executive Thomas Hansen, joining the board and former Glint employee, Scott Sinatra, coming in as the new Chief Revenue Officer.

Mads Fosselius, CEO of Dixa discussed their ambitious plan. He said: “Our mission has always been to build a platform for companies that love their customers. The US is the most customer-centric market in the world, but it has been held back by customer interaction technology being developed in silos and not brought together at the point of interaction.

“However, we are seeing a huge appetite amongst US brands to move away from the siloed, ticketed model and towards a single platform approach that can help them understand their customers in a more efficient, data-driven and conversational way.”

Scott Sinatra, Dixa’s new Chief Revenue Officer, echoed this sentiment. He added: “Dixa is already helping a number of US brands transform their customer relationships and I’m excited to use this new wave of investment to disrupt the market even further and tap into the clear appetite for a non-ticketed, personalized and platform-centered approach.”

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