Did You Know Cardboard Recycling Is Simple & Environmentally Friendly

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When moving into a new place, most people grapple with finding cardboard boxes to pack their things safely and securely. Once getting into the home, there are stacks of these empty containers, the last task to take care of before thoroughly enjoying either rental freedom or being a homeowner after moving for probably weeks.

Fortunately, these are not something to just tear up and toss in the refuse bin. You can recycle these so that countless others can take pleasure in a similar moving experience. The material boasts of being relatively easy to dispose of properly, and doing so is environmentally friendly.

It’s suggested that making new cardboard from the used sections only takes “75 percent of the resources necessary compared to the raw materials and produces less than 50 percent of the sulfur dioxide compared to making new.”

When you feel a bit guilty for purchasing a bazillion new cardboard boxes for your move that you’re now left with, you can give yourself some reprieve by knowing that these will move forward as recycled products.

Just reach out to cardboard collection Sydney, and they will haul your boxes to the facility. Let’s look at the process for preparing cardboard for recycling and ensuring that your professional removal service will haul yours away for proper disposal.

Cardboard Recycling Is Easy And Incredible For The Environment

Most people are left with tons of cardboard boxes once they unpack after moving to a new residence. If you’re someone who purchases boxes from the moving company or the moving company did the packing for you and transported your items, these boxes can now be recycled.

The process is simple and is one that’s incredible for the environment using few resources and producing minimal pollution in the process. Instead of breaking these down and tossing them in the bin to sit in the landfill, make sure to contact a cardboard collection service so someone else can benefit from their use.

The first step when considering removal is to ensure the team you contact specializes in cardboard collection among their services before committing. Consider these suggestions when preparing your cardboard boxes for recycling with the collection service.

●      The boxes need to be broken down before the service arrives

A collection team will have a much easier time loading boxes when these have been broken down and secured. You’ll need to go through each individual box to confirm all the contents were removed and there are no harsh substances or severe issues that would render a portion of the box unusable.

That part should be cut away. Even water-saturated cardboard is exceptionally challenging for recycling facilities to reuse even once dry.

The material should be rendered entirely flat after breaking down. It isn’t a requirement that adhesives be removed, like packing labels or tape, before collapsing the material. The recycling facility will readily take these pieces off. It’s not a problem if you do that, especially if there’s personal information on the labels.

●      The boxes should be in a dry area until collected

The boxes need to remain dry even if they’re being stored until the collection service is able to remove the cardboard. You might want to go ahead and break these down and secure them before storing them in a dry area.

Recycling centers have no use for wet cardboard and have been known to refuse a whole box due to tiny wet spots. If there is any sort of substance in or on the cardboard, cut that area away so it doesn’t spread across the entire piece of material.

If you store these in a damp location, they might not get wet, but the moisture will make them unusable. The objective is to ensure optimum conditions so someone else can benefit from “like new” conditions when moving their items to a new residence.

●      Contact your local council for waste management guidelines

If you have a recycle bin by the curbside, it’s essential to contact the waste management company for their provisions. Some might accept what doesn’t fit inside the bin if you sit it outside beside the container, while others will not agree, having the condition that all materials must fit in the container.

The best way to find out whether yours will be taken is to contact the provider. It needs to all fit inside the bin, put in what you’re able to, and save batches to fill with each pick-up. You can also see if there’s a drop-off location or, again, reach out to cardboard collection services to avoid the hassle.

What Can You Reuse Cardboard Boxes For

If recycling is impossible with your cardboard boxes, you might find other purposes with the material by recycling it at home instead of tossing it into the rubbish bin.

Many homeowners have workrooms where they keep various supplies for home projects, and cardboard can come in handy in many situations. Check some of these out.

●      Use in the compost pile

Cardboard is an excellent ingredient in the compost pile since the material is ideal to be incorporated in the garden as a mulch. It doesn’t matter whether it’s been saturated or damp. If the substances spilled on the material are hazardous or chemical in nature, these should be cut away.

For those who don’t compost, you should reach out to nearby farms or nurseries to see if there’s anyone interested in composting the boxes. You could also donate some of them to composting facilities.

●      Cardboard boxes make incredible shipping parcels

Many people work remotely from their homes and need shipping parcels to deliver goods and services to their clients. If you own a remote business or live far from close friends or loved ones, moving boxes are ideal for sending out parcels.

You can hold on to these by breaking them down flat and storing them in your workroom until a celebratory event or milestone comes along, and you need one for a gift.

Final Thought

Cardboard as a material is exceptionally versatile, but when you have boxes already set up or capable of being set up, these can be used for so many purposes.

Sending them off to sit and waste space at the landfill would be such an injustice not only to those who could benefit from the boxes but to the environment inundated with a material that’s so readily recyclable.

Contact the cardboard collection services. These professionals will take all your cardboard and haul it to the appropriate recycling center if you have it prepared and ready to go; very simple and straightforward.

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