Derby Museums’ Pickford’s House Set for Major Revamp with Support from Glowfrog

Last Updated on: 9th January 2024, 05:32 pm

Derby Museums has announced major renovations for Pickford’s House, a Grade I listed building constructed in 1770 by the renowned architect Joseph Pickford. Since its opening as a museum in 1988, Pickford’s House has been a vivid showcase of Georgian lifestyle and fashion.

Thanks to funding from the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and The Wolfson Foundation via the DCMS/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund, the museum is slated for a comprehensive refurbishment starting in spring 2024. This facelift will include updated interpretation, new displays, and more immersive layout exhibits in each room, aimed at enhancing visitor experiences and offering fresh insights into the building’s rich historical legacy.

A significant part of this update is the contribution of Glowfrog Video Production (, who are generously offering their services pro-bono. They will create a welcome video for the museum, aiming to provide a captivating summary of the house’s history, with a focus on accessibility for disabled visitors.

Matt Middleton, Director at Glowfrog Video Production, shared his excitement about the collaboration: “Offering our services pro-bono for Pickford’s House aligns with our core values of supporting local community, and I’m particularly excited about this project given that Pickford’s is a site I’ve visited countless times over the last thirty years or so. It will be fantastic to provide a welcome video for all visitors to the museum, offering a deeper insight into its history and local significance.”

Jennifer Cuadrado, Director of Development at Derby Museums, commented on the significance of these enhancements: “These updates represent a significant stride in our mission to make history come alive for our diverse audience. These enhancements, including the welcome video offered by Glowfrog, not only preserve the architectural and cultural legacy of Pickford’s House but also align with our broader mission of making history accessible to diverse audiences.”

Laura Phillips, Head of Interpretation and Display at Derby Museums, added: “The meticulous curation of each room at Pickford’s House reflects our commitment to preserving and presenting history in an engaging manner. Glowfrog’s offer to create an inclusive experience through the welcome video resonates with our vision of making the museum accessible to all.”

Derby Museums is also encouraging local businesses to visit Glowfrog Video Production’s website at to learn more about their award-winning video production services.

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