daappa Launches Business Intelligence Software for Private Asset Investment and Administration Firms

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 09:38 pm

daappa, a leading provider of software for private asset investment and administration, has announced a major upgrade to its Studio+ solution. Developed with its diverse client base in mind, the new solution offers advanced data aggregation, visualisation, oversight, validation, and reporting capabilities.

The upgrade decouples daappa Core as the only transaction and accounting data source, while a data plugin allows investment and administration firms to utilise their existing private asset data sets to fuel Studio+. This enables access to a private asset-specific Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard and reporting tool, plus a validation engine which can sit on top of their enterprise systems.

Studio+ also offers real-time Dashboards of valuable insights, data visualisations and transparency to assist with better decision-making, an interactive partner capital account statement with drill-through capabilities, an interactive visual view of all portfolio holdings and underlying assets, a robust data validation and compliance monitoring engine, an encrypted and secure bi-directional platform for sharing documents and information, and a report and data extract builder.

Karim Ali, CEO of daappa, commented: “Our team is excited to offer daappa Studio+ to the broader investment and administration industry. This solution simplifies the management of intricate private asset data sets through user empowerment and efficiency. With its open architecture data management capabilities, daappa Studio+ seamlessly integrates with existing accounting and data systems, providing a comprehensive solution for managing private asset data.”

He added: “daappa Studio+ has been designed to complement and extend the shelf life of embedded accounting systems struggling to keep pace with the rapidly evolving regulatory, reporting, and investor requirements within the private asset industry.”

daappa is a fintech company that provides data, accounting, and administration solutions to the private asset industry. Its integrated software platform is designed to help asset owners, asset managers, general partners and service providers streamline their investor and asset servicing operations and enable them to make data-driven decisions.

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