Cut Electronic Equipment Losses by up to 40% with Simple Solutions

With global energy demand on the rise, organisations such as the Carbon Trust are providing consumers with the necessary information to make informed specification and purchasing decisions. Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) have replaced transformers in many applications, such as PC power supplies and phone chargers, however, transformers remain best suited for reducing voltage and providing electrical isolation for connected equipment.

In order to meet energy efficiency goals, outdated machine designs and thinking must be addressed. For example, conventional 1000 VA laminated core EI transformers have operational losses of 66 W per hour of every year of its operating life, compared to REO toroidal transformers which only have losses of 40 W per hour. This is a reduction of almost 40%, equating to a CO2 savings of 21kg or the equivalent of a 128 km journey in a petrol car.

Not only are toroidal transformers more energy efficient, they also provide other benefits such as encapsulation to provide ingress protection (IP) up to IP54, and a centre point fixing method for quick mounting. They are designed to outperform standard EI transformers, providing better load regulation, lower leakage current levels, and lower losses.

REO toroidal transformers are designed and manufactured according to EN ISO 9001 and can be provided as UL-recognised devices with or without NRTL marking for the medical market. Each product is individually tested to ensure compliance and quality.

With energy efficiency becoming a significant focus for today’s markets, REO toroidal transformers are providing an energy efficient alternative to conventional laminated core EI transformers, offering a reduction of almost 40% in operational losses. The additional benefits of encapsulation and a faster mounting process make this an attractive option for consumers.

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