Covid-19 continues to hit travel industry as job vacancies fall by 38%

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:47 pm

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt the job market across the globe, with hospitality, energy, consultancy and travel vacancies descending to its lowest levels in over eight years. Job search engine has analysed the latest job market data to assess how each industry has been affected this week.

The latest findings show that the UK has lost 35% of advertised vacancies year-to-date. The number of UK related travel jobs has fallen by 38% since the beginning of the year, after experiencing four weeks of consecutive declines in the past month (-30%). This suggests that the damage from the public health crisis is accelerating as uncertainty continues to grip the UK. The downfall follows previous calls for the Government to make changes to travel package regulations to prevent the loss of thousands of jobs.

The impact on the UK travel industry outweighs the global outlook for the travel industry, which has seen advertised vacancies drop 16%. Travel bans have caused many airlines to scale back across the UK, with British Airways suspending all flights from Gatwick as demand for travel collapses.

The hospitality sector is unsurprisingly the biggest casualty in the UK job market, losing 66% of its advertised vacancies after facing closures across the board, closely followed by energy (-62%), consultancy jobs (-54%) and HR/recruitment jobs (-54%). In contrast, cleaning and domestic help vacancies have seen an increase of 23%. Vacancies within social work (-1%) and the healthcare/nursing industry (-3%) have seen the lowest impact in terms of vacancy reductions.

Domestic workers and cleaning jobs (+23%)

Open vacancies – 9,955

Demand for cleaners, domestic workers and hospital cleaning staff continues to increase in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. Public health officials continue to stress the importance of clean working and living areas to contain the virus, which has led to increased demand across the country.

Travel jobs  (-38%)

Open vacancies – 2,457

Travel roles can still be found across the country, with open roles for travel consultants, travel insurers and customer advisors still available. However, 48% of roles in the travel industry have been listed as full-time, with 52% only part-time. The high proportion of part-time roles suggests employers are holding back on hiring full-time staff amidst coronavirus uncertainty.

Hospitality and catering jobs (-66%)

Open vacancies – 18,645

The hospitality and catering industry has lost two-thirds of all advertised vacancies in the year to date (-66%) as lockdown continues into its third week. The number of open vacancies has dropped from 51,998 to 18,645 across the country this year. Hospitality positions across the globe have dropped 34% but these figures will be reflected by the different phases of the pandemic each country is in at any given time.

Andrew Hunter, Co-Founder of Adzuna, comments; “With recent developments within the travel industry and big-name brands such as British Airways, EasyJet, Jet2 and TUI all grounding flights or reviewing existing roles for their staff, it’s no surprise to see such a big decrease in available vacancies within the industry.

“We do expect this number to continue declining as we approach the peak of the pandemic here in the UK, along with reductions across the hospitality industry. However, during these uncertain times, we are seeing certain industries such as cleaning and domestic help flourishing, or seeing a minimal impact, which is positive.”


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