Court of Appeal Rules in Favor of Le Chef plc

London, February 22, 2024 – Le Chef plc, operating under the trading name Chef Online, is celebrating a significant legal victory after a lengthy litigation process that spanned several years. The Court of Appeal’s decision, dated February 14, 2024, upheld the verdict of the High Court in favor of Le Chef plc.

The legal battle began in August 2020 when Mr. Hafizur Rahman and Mr. Rifat Ahmed filed an unfair prejudice petition against Le Chef plc and its Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Munim, alleging unlawful share transfers. After a thorough examination of evidence and testimony, including discussions surrounding the creation of the online platform and the contributions of each party involved, the High Court ruled in favor of Le Chef plc and Mr. Munim in October 2022.

A similar decision was also made in another case brought by Mr. Rahman against the company under intellectual property rights.

Mr. Rahman appealed the High Court’s decision for both cases, but in July 2023, the Court of Appeal refused him permission to appeal in the intellectual property case, confirming the original decision that he had no copyright over the Arta Awards logo or trophy design. On February 14, 2024, a three-member bench of the Court of Appeal, consisting of Lady Justice King, Lord Justice Birss, and Lady Justice Falk, unanimously dismissed the appeal for the unfair prejudice matter, upholding the High Court’s judgment.

Lady Justice Falk stated, “I am satisfied that the judge was entitled to reach the conclusions that he did on the evidence before him in respect of the transfer of shares by Mr. Rahman.” The judgment emphasizes the importance of considering all evidence and highlights the commercial reasoning behind the share transfers. The full decision can be accessed at

Throughout this challenging legal ordeal, Le Chef plc has remained committed to transparency, fairness, and adherence to the rule of law. The company would like to extend its gratitude to its legal team, including Counsels Mr. Matthew Winn-Smith and Dr. Timothy Sampson from Lamb Chambers, and Mr. Kennedy Obierozie and Ms. Nabila Rafique from Lexpert Solicitors LLP, for their unwavering support and diligent representation during the litigation process.

In response to the Court of Appeal’s decision, Mr. Munim, the Managing Director of Le Chef Plc, expressed his appreciation for the thorough consideration given to the case by both judicial bodies. He stated, “We are pleased that the Court of Appeal upheld the original judgment, confirming the legality of the share transfers. This outcome reaffirms our commitment to upholding the integrity of business agreements and dealings.”

Le Chef plc remains dedicated to providing innovative online solutions for restaurants and takeaways through the Chef Online platform. The company is committed to fostering positive relationships within the culinary industry and upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

For further inquiries, please contact Chef Online’s communication department at 07770181818.

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