Cost-effective methods for finding new business leads

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:20 am

Opening Up New Business Leads

In today’s competitive environment there is no scope for businesses to rest on their laurels and rely on their current customer base. It is vital to continually look for new business leads whilst not forgetting to incentivise existing customers to ensure that they stay with you and don’t go elsewhere. Businesses can deploy a number of cost-effective strategies to maximise their chances of gaining new clients.

Target Audience

As with all aspects of a business the attention you pay to market research will pay off, but you don’t have to pay expensive companies to do this. Undertake a profiling exercise to find your target market by using one of the many useful internet guides around to help with this. This will help you refine your strategy and focus on promoting your business to the right markets and will increase sales.

Branding and Image

Companies should regularly reflect on the image they are portraying to other businesses and potential customers to ensure they are always ahead of the game. Does your logo and website need an overhaul? It needn’t cost much to assess the competition and make changes to your website and to your online marketing strategy. Surprisingly a large number of businesses have websites that quickly look outmoded and stop attracting new business leads.

Use a Telemarketing company

Consider using an appointment booking service such as those offered through a professional telemarketing company which can be an excellent way to boost business contacts.

These companies are specialists in supporting businesses to expand their range of business leads by the use of high quality datasets and expertise in supporting companies to generate new business relationships and take them to the next level.

A telemarketing company will have established leads and a sophisticated appointment booking service, and can work with clients to progress the appointment at every step of the process leading to individual meetings with potential new customers. As these companies have a range of tools and techniques at their disposal and are an economic method of gaining new business contacts this can often mean very profitable financial returns in the longer term.


Although this method of attracting new business leads is often associated with high costs it needn’t be the case if you adopt a creative approach. One method is to offer free advertising on your website to other businesses you are not in competition with and ask them to return the favour on their own sites. If placing adverts always negotiate on price and look around for the best deals.

News Coverage

If there is any way you can get an article in trade press journals or local papers and have an interesting story or an angle as an industry specialist then put yourself forward. It is remarkable how much interest just one news story can generate within the local community and further afield especially with the proliferation of social media to spread the word.


Last but not least, network, network, network! Talk to as many people as possible through conventions, trade conferences and other business forums, and always use events as a chance to promote your business and open up new leads.

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