Steve Rawlings, founder of Cool Embrace, has developed a revolutionary solution to combat sleepless nights plagued by night sweats and clammy discomfort – the world’s first cooling intra-blanket.

Designed to be used alongside a duvet, the British-made intra-blanket utilises a unique five-layer construction to continuously dissipate heat and moisture away from the sleeper. It has received positive reviews from many people, including world-weary journalists and menopause therapists, who have experienced the extraordinary effectiveness of Cool Embrace.

Sally Garozzo, a therapist specialising in menopause, said: “The minute I laid under it, I felt my body temperature drop.” Award-winning journalist and founder of Eleanor Mills commented: “This blanket for hot flushes really works in terms of it not getting wet, remaining cool and also stopping the chills. It is an essential part of anyone’s menopause arsenal; I highly recommend it.”

Steve Rawlings commented: “Cool Embrace’s secret lies within its five-layer composition, each element working in harmony. Unlike other “cooling blankets” that merely feel cool to the touch for a fleeting moment, Cool Embrace actively maintains a comfortable sleep temperature throughout the night and can be used with your duvet.”

Cool Embrace is a family run business based in Shropshire, U.K. The company is committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, and their cooling intra-blanket is set to revolutionise people’s sleep experience.