Concerns About AI and Job Security Emerge in UK Survey Findings

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:59 pm

A recent survey conducted in the UK has uncovered a significant level of public unease regarding job security in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). The results highlight that job security ranks among the top concerns for respondents, a matter that received surprisingly little attention at the recent AI Security Summit, despite its far-reaching implications for the workforce and the nation.

The survey, carried out by “The Boost,” a newsletter specialising in AI for marketing, has brought to light the fact that the UK public’s apprehension about AI job security is nearly on par with their concerns about AI security itself.

This revelation underscores the critical necessity for governments to address the human aspect of AI advancements.

Furthermore, the survey results have illuminated a growing demand for AI education and training. Tim O’Shea, the founder of “The Boost,” has noticed a notable increase in new subscribers who have recently lost their jobs to AI technology and are keen to acquire AI knowledge for re-entering the job market.

Tim O’Shea comments on the trend, stating, “We have observed a surge in subscribers who have fallen victim to AI-related job losses and are eager to gain AI expertise to navigate the evolving job landscape.”

The survey, which posed the question “What worries you most about AI?” to 660 UK respondents, yielded the following responses:

  • Possible job losses – 27.9%
  • Security issues – 34.4%
  • Another issue – 12.6%
  • I’m not worried – 25.2%

Tim O’Shea underscores the urgency of implementing AI education initiatives at the national level, asserting, “Without a concerted effort to educate our workforce in AI, we risk not only job security but also our overall security as a nation”

The call for AI education and upskilling extends beyond safeguarding job security; it also aims to position the UK as a global leader in AI innovation and productivity.

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