Companion Stairlifts Unveils Historical Name Popularity Rankings Since 1904

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:03 am

Companion Stairlifts has recently released a study, employing official government statistics, to produce a unique historical ranking of the most popular names for males and females since 1904. This study has led to the creation of searchable databases, allowing individuals to discover the popularity of their names over the years. The findings provide an intriguing and enjoyable way to compare name trends across various generations.

Key revelations from the study include:

  • James being identified as the most popular boy’s name since 1904
  • Elizabeth emerging as the most popular girl’s name since 1904
  • Myles ranking as the least popular boy’s name since 1904
  • Sybil being the least popular girl’s name since 1904
  • Jack being the most popular boy’s name in the last 25 years
  • Emily being the most popular girl’s name in the last 25 years

The study also lists the top boys’ and girls’ names since the 1900s, with James, Thomas, William, David, and George leading for boys, and Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Catherine, and Margaret for girls.

For a detailed exploration of the study’s analysis and findings, the full article can be accessed here:

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