Cloudsoft Introduces AMP 7 with Increased Terraform Compatibility

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:50 am

Cloudsoft, a leading provider of cloud-native application management products, today announced the release of Cloudsoft AMP 7.0, which provides extended support for Terraform deployments. AMP 7.0 aims to simplify the process of describing, deploying, managing and recovering environments and applications, and is designed to help Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), Platform and DevOps teams identify and address failure points.

“Terraform has become the de facto enterprise standard for describing, launching, and version managing applications,” said Ross Gray, CEO of Cloudsoft. “AMP 7 brings added automation, observability and ‘environment-as-code’ constructs to enterprise teams that are struggling to manage complex and critical application resources at scale across multiple environment types, such as EC2, Kubernetes, Serverless and on-premise VMware. The benefits compound for teams that are in the process of migrating applications or modernising their environment.”

Dr Alex Heneveld, CTO and Co-Founder of Cloudsoft, added: “AMP 7 has integrated Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, monitoring tools and AWS Service Catalog, but modelling Terraform from source was the logical next step. Our latest feature, AMP Maeztro, allows Terraform deployments to be responsive without changing how teams work. By analysing the configuration files, modules and deployments can be onboarded rapidly into AMP 7.”

Dave McCann, Owner & Principal Consultant of McCann Advisory LLC, Cloudsoft Board Member and former AWS VP of Control Services, remarked: “AMP 7 is a complementary toolkit for enterprise IT teams that are using Terraform, but not yet unlocking the full benefits of IAC automation across cloud and on prem. The simplified visibility, and policy driven recovery, mean productivity gains from AMP 7 that could deliver substantial savings to some enterprises, where hiring budgets are no longer linear to application portfolio growth. AMP 7 accelerates organisations’ move towards a ‘model-driven resource management’ approach.”

Cloudsoft AMP 7.0 is available through the Amazon Web Services Marketplace and Cloudsoft’s website. With Gartner predicting that Enterprise IT spend on software will reach $1tn by 2024, Cloudsoft’s new product aims to help IT teams manage complex and critical application resources more efficiently.

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