Classic Candle Introduces MiniPot Wax Melts for Wholesale Customers, Offering Budget-Friendly Fragrance Options

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:55 am

UK-based home fragrance brand, Classic Candle, is excited to announce the availability of its recently launched product, MiniPot Wax Melts, to wholesale customers. These affordable wax melts provide high-quality home fragrances at exceptional value, presenting consumers with an economical way to enjoy their preferred scents.

United Kingdom – Classic Candle, a prominent name in the home fragrance sector, is delighted to unveil its latest offering, MiniPot Wax Melts, to wholesale buyers. This addition to their product line, which was initially introduced to direct consumers, presents an affordable yet luxurious option for experiencing captivating scents within the home.

Since its launch, the MiniPot Wax Melts range has expanded to encompass more than 160 fragrances, spanning categories from fresh and fruity to food-inspired, floral, and musky aromas. Additionally, Classic Candle has introduced a new fragrance category named ‘Inspired By,’ featuring scents inspired by well-known perfumes, aftershaves, and fabric conditioners. All fragrances are thoughtfully selected by the brand’s dedicated team, ensuring a diverse range catering to every preference.

Michelle Porter, Managing Director of Classic Candle, expresses her enthusiasm: “The launch of our MiniPot Wax Melts has been met with tremendous success, eliciting enthusiastic responses from our customers. After their initial availability to consumers, we are thrilled to extend this offering to our wholesale partners.”

She continues, “Following refinements in our manufacturing process, we’re excited to announce that MiniPots are now accessible to retail establishments. This addition not only diversifies customers’ choices but also offers an immersive experience they’ll want to relish repeatedly. We are confident that this expansion will enrich our retail partners’ product range and contribute to their success, with a competitive £1.99 RRP for our premium wax melts.”

The MiniPot Wax Melts are meticulously crafted using clean white wax, presented in Classic Candle’s distinctive packaging adorned with striking fragrance icons. The elegant and modern white aesthetic complements the powerful fragrance packed within each MiniPot, despite its compact size. Furthermore, the product is packaged in fully recyclable pots, aligning with eco-friendly values while being vegan and pet-friendly.

The brand’s vision encompasses the introduction of hundreds of fragrances in the upcoming months, with continuous development of new fragrance blends. After nurturing the concept of budget-friendly wax melts over the past few years, Classic Candle is pleased to witness customers finally embracing the new MiniPot Wax Melts within their living spaces.

Michelle enthuses, “We’re immensely excited to offer an unparalleled array of fragrances, setting us apart from other UK producers. Starting with over 120 fragrances and rapidly expanding to 160, our goal is simple: to provide our wholesale partners with the opportunity to offer the most extensive fragrance range on the high street!”

Classic Candle’s MiniPot Wax Melts present unrivalled value in the UK’s wax melt market. The product appeals to those seeking to indulge in their favourite fragrances without straining their budgets, and with a steady release of new scents, customers will continually find novel options to explore.

For further information about the Classic Candle Company, please visit and stay connected through Facebook (, Instagram (@ClassicCandleUK), and Twitter (@ClassicCandleUK).

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