Many of us are eager to put a plan in place to succeed after the covid-19-induced crisis.

That is why the team behind CirclyApp has decided to launch a free plan for its users. It is hoped that this can help both businesses and individuals visualise and achieve their future goals.


CirclyApp helps users visualise a future where they can find success and be productive. It does this with an interactive online canvas, several project management apps and an attractive interface which is designed to improve the user’s experience throughout.

Kathy Lewin, Spokesperson for CirclyApp, has discussed the importance of tools like this in a post-covid-19 crisis world.

She said: “We’re providing software for our users, that gives them an inspiring, online canvas where they can brainstorm, sketch out their goals, ideas and available resources, and prioritise and re-organise these items in a way that fits into their new environment.

“Seeing the big picture with all of its details in a Circly project means that strategic planning and decision-making are no longer terrifying.”

In a world where focus has been moved towards remote working, Circly is a tool that many professionals are turning to due to its adaptability for remote collaborators.


Kithy Lewin added that the research involved in this apps’ development has helped them create a tool that is of a real quality and of genuine use for today’s workers.

She said: “”We applied every bit of knowledge we have about human thinking and built that into our platform; this empowers our users to be systematic, efficient and thus successful, without any effort.”

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