Cede Bank Partners with Conflow Power Group to Provide $250 Million for iLamp Technology Rollout

London, England – Conflow Power Group Limited (CPG) has announced a major financial agreement with Cede Bank, which will provide a $250,000,000 (approx 197 Million GBP) funding for the mass rollout of their iLamp technology in the continental United States.

The agreement comes after 18 months of strategic discussions and analysis, as CPG worked to establish the value and potential revenue for their exclusive territories issued under license for iLamp technology. Cede Bank, known as the world’s only dedicated intangible asset bank, has approved a total value of over $350 million for the issued licenses and has also approved a debt funding to advance these territories to operational status.

With the iLamp technology achieving approved status, the only remaining condition was to establish the addressable market need within each state. This has now been approved and a detailed roadmap for each territory has been produced and approved. This allows for a valuation based on 1% of the addressable market over a period of ten years.

Edward Fitzpatrick, CEO of CPG, expressed his excitement about the agreement, stating, “This is a major part of the foundation for iLamp’s mass rollout under license to firmly establish iLamp as the leading street light brand in the industry.” He added, “It has taken an enormous amount of work to build a framework that allows for multiple varying factors, making the product work in all environments globally, not just in the USA.”

One of the main challenges in this process was ensuring that the license agreements were consistent across all territories without restricting license holders from implementing locally vital elements that may not be globally uniform. CPG also recognized the importance of local manufacturing and has already negotiated strategic manufacturing agreements in multiple locations.

CPG expects to secure a significant percentage of the street lighting market now that the main components are in place for this mass rollout. The company has spent many years creating a structure that will allow this to take place, both in commercial and municipal contracts, as well as longer-term projects utilizing unique technologies such as Power as a Service, Batteryware, DroneReady, and others.

The debt funding secured by CPG will also allow for a comprehensive package of revenue-based activity for license holders, using a revenuist-based smart financing offering that enables local businesses to quickly get up and running. Once a license holder has secured a territory, they will receive a detailed roadmap outlining how to generate immediate value, revenue, and profits while sharing risks and rewards with CPG. This structure is managed by ILOCX.com, a major partner in the iLamp global rollout program. License holders are also permitted to sell sub-licenses within their exclusive region, bringing in fast revenue and further advancing the “Go Local to Go Global” program.

To involve the community and generate additional revenue, license holders can launch their own sales program through ILOCX, selling promotional licenses to supporters locally. This also allows for a culture of stakeholding at multiple levels. Much of the funding for CPG and iLamp since its inception four years ago has been achieved through this structure.

Edward Fitzpatrick concludes with a statement of gratitude to the thousands of license holders in CPG and iLamp, stating, “This company is a revenue juggernaut, and all we have to do now is keep the culture growing to reap the very hard-earned rewards.” For more information, please contact:

Conflow Power Group – www.ConflowPower.com – info@conflowpower.com

Cede Bank – www.cedebank.com – press@cedebank.com

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