, a trading style of Western Circle Limited, is publishing a series of articles that give an in-depth look into the UK welfare system. As a responsible online lender, Cashfloat is uniquely positioned to understand people who sometimes struggle to make it to payday. Understanding how the welfare system works and learning about benefits they may be eligible for can help many people save money instead of applying for expensive credit online.

“We saw how people struggled with their daily expenses, taking expensive payday loans to help them get by. They didn’t realise that they could be claiming benefits, completely free of charge. This guide is a literal life saver, helping people get out of the most difficult situations,” says Becky Hall, project coordinator and researcher at Cashfloat.

What’s in the Guide?

The new guide begins with a fascinating dip into the history of welfare in the UK, offering intriguing insights into just how much the UK has changed over the last two hundred years. It then goes into detail about the benefits on offer to different sectors of society. Readers can find exact information about the benefits system for families as well as for the unemployed, disabled, and pensioners.

The controversial Universal Credit is explored at length, along with the other recent welfare reforms that have been made to the welfare system. The guide concludes with a startling article about the realities of living on benefits, and tackles the hot topic: are illegal immigrants a burden to the welfare system?

Other Educational Guides from Cashfloat

The UK Welfare System Guide is just the latest in a large collection of educational guides released by Cashfloat. There are guides about a wide range of topics, including family finances, pensions in the UK, the effects of Brexit, and what to do if you’ve lost your job. Cashfloat aims to help as many people as possible, either through lending them the money to survive a temporary financial crisis, or through raising awareness about financial issues.