CaseMatrix Limited Unveils Revolutionary Approach to Cyber Breach Litigation with Official Launch

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:00 pm

CaseMatrix Limited, a pioneering firm focused on bridging the gap between cyber breach victims and legal recourse, is pleased to announce its official launch. Founded by Jake Rogers and Rob Moore, two experienced professionals with backgrounds in cybersecurity and legal consultancy, CaseMatrix is committed to ensuring that every data breach victim is informed, supported, and has the opportunity to seek legal justice.

The company’s mission is realized through a victim-centric approach, a unique methodology, and close collaboration with legal firms. By actively reaching out to breach victims as security experts, providing them with cybersecurity support, and notifying them of breaches, CaseMatrix ensures a seamless transition from breach notification to legal action. Additionally, CaseMatrix works with legal professionals to provide them with a refined set of profiles, allowing them to focus on viable cases and save time and resources.

“Our vision is clear: to ensure that every data breach victim is represented and has access to legal justice,” said Jake Rogers, co-founder of CaseMatrix. Rob Moore added, “At CaseMatrix, we’re committed to ensuring that these individuals are not just numbers but are given the support and representation they deserve.”

CaseMatrix Limited is revolutionizing the cyber breach litigation landscape, providing individuals affected by breaches with the support and access to legal justice they deserve. For more information about CaseMatrix Limited and its services, visit

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