Carplus Unveils New Extended Warranty: Upgrade Your Motoring Journey with Superior Protection

Last Updated on: 24th January 2024, 03:51 pm

Carplus, a prominent car finance brokerage renowned for its dedication to transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction, is thrilled to introduce their new Extended Warranty programme. This cutting-edge option is designed to offer extensive coverage, thereby safeguarding your investment well beyond the constraints of standard manufacturer warranties.

Typically, manufacturer warranties offer limited protection and expire after a set period, leaving owners of pre-owned vehicles exposed to the financial hazards associated with mechanical and electrical faults. Carplus has identified this shortfall and has thus formulated an extensive Extended Warranty programme to provide a reliable safety net throughout your vehicle ownership experience.

Custom-made to cater to individual requirements and budgetary needs, the Carplus Extended Warranty comes with various coverage plans:

  • Flexi Gold: Opt for either one-year or three-year comprehensive coverage.
  • Platinum: Experience three years of complete peace-of-mind coverage.

Carplus is committed to ensuring a smooth vehicle ownership journey. Should you encounter any unforeseen difficulties, our warranty services guarantee a prompt and efficient return to the road.

Why Opt for an Extended Warranty?

Particularly advantageous for owners of used cars, the Carplus Extended Warranty offers protection against the expenses of unforeseen repairs as vehicles age and accumulate mileage. Opting for our extended warranty provides drivers with the security of extended coverage surpassing the manufacturer’s limitations.

Understanding Your Extended Warranty’s Scope

While the Carplus Extended Warranty provides substantial protection, it’s crucial to understand its exclusions. These do not cover regular wear and tear, consumables such as fuel and oil, and damages due to maintenance negligence.

Carplus advocates for regular maintenance to extend your vehicle’s life and potentially circumvent issues not covered by the warranty. This approach to transparency ensures customers have realistic expectations and adhere to optimal vehicle maintenance practices.

Cancellation Procedures

In line with enhancing customer satisfaction, Carplus offers a 14-day cooling-off period from the policy’s issue date. Within this timeframe, customers can choose to cancel their policy by contacting the warranty team at

Upgrade your motoring experience with Carplus Extended Warranty – drive reassured, knowing you have comprehensive coverage beyond what the manufacturer offers. For further details, please visit

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