was called in to analyse the recipes of the nation’s top chefs including Jamie Oliver, Michel Roux Jnr and Bake-Off winner Nadiya Hussain

Brighton-based business has recently completed work on an exciting project designed to get the nation eating more vegetables and natural ingredients.

The business, founded by Matt Wright, Surya Wright and Ric Pestano, was called in to work on ‘The Truly Epic Book of Veg Power’, a project led by the Veg Power Fund, which includes recipes from well-known chefs and A-list celebrities such as Sir Paul McCartney. used its food software and analytics tools to analyse the ingredients and provide a nutritional breakdown of all the recipes in the book.

“It’s been two months of solid work. Everything we did complied with EU regulations and used the latest peer-reviewed science, so we only made truly legitimate health claims,” said Matt Wright, co-founder of, of his contribution to the Veg Power book.

CheckYourFood analysed the nutritional content of each celebrity recipe. In order to make the science accessible, Wright and Dan Parker, founder of health charity Living Loud, created the ‘Power Up’ system – seven handy icons that explain to readers the health benefits of each of the recipes.

“We came up with the choice of ‘Power Up’ icons and the descriptions. These are icons promoting the health benefits of veg for children to collect as they eat the various veg and recipes.”

Dan Parker of Living Loud and the Veg Power Fund said: “Matt and his team at CheckYourFood have had a huge impact on this project. Their algorithm, deep knowledge of nutrition and dedication to helping people find healthier diets has enabled us to develop a totally new and fun way to get kids excited about eating veggies.”

Wright says the work fits in perfectly with the ethos of company he, his wife and Mr Pestano have created. provides online nutritional advice and personalised food diary software.

“We created in order to cut through the misinformation that’s out there about our food,” says Wright.

“We live in a society where many serious illnesses are on the rise, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer. We believe a lot of these could be avoided through the use of natural food.” found that Jamie Oliver’s sweet potato quesadillas was the book’s healthiest recipe.

“The overriding benefit of this recipe is the interaction and synergy between all the various natural micronutrients, providing the host of benefits,” says Wright.

“These benefits come from the combination of ingredients: sweet potato, spring onions, radishes, tomatoes and avocado. By combining all of these healthy ingredients, you gain vitamin A for eyesight, vitamin C for the immune system, potassium for the heart, vitamin K for bones and arteries, manganese for bones, energy creation and protection and folate for brain health, cellular regeneration, heart health and energy creation.”