UK homeowners looking to save money on renovations can now access Buildiro, the online platform that helps them save thousands of pounds on refurbishing any room. Founded in 2017, Buildiro has become one of the most trusted online platforms in the UK for construction material comparison, providing a comprehensive marketplace for comparing fixtures, fittings, plumbing supplies, paint, and tile options.

“Buildiro is on a mission to bring the best products at the best prices to all our users, without catch or hidden fees,” said Buildiro Founder, Luke Polach.

With Buildiro, tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts can easily compare prices from multiple merchants in one place, saving time and money by avoiding the need to go through each merchant individually. Homeowners can take advantage of the extensive network of suppliers and compare prices of building materials from over 100 merchants.

A recent bathroom case study proved that saving serious money on refurbishing a single room is possible, with Buildiro offering a reduction in materials costs from £4463.39 to £3356.09. By examining CLS timber prices, it was found that one merchant might charge £25 for a pack of 5, while Buildiro located alternatives at just £10 – a saving of 60%.

When it comes to finding the right tradesperson for the job, it’s essential to do research and consider their qualifications, reputation, experience and price. Ultimately, using Buildiro can help homeowners save thousands of pounds on any construction project.

Today, Buildiro is encouraging people to give the platform a try and start saving.