British Agency Revolutionises Brand Naming with Innovative Strategy

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:59 pm

A British branding agency has pioneered a novel naming strategy, set to transform the approach to brand naming significantly.

Understanding the importance of a name extends beyond mere identification. It plays a vital role in defining a company’s culture and its potential for success or failure. The challenge lies in selecting the right name for a company, brand, product, or institution, crucial for fostering long-term growth and cultivating lasting customer relationships. Should such a decision be left to intuition alone?

Innovative Methodology

Paul Vinogradoff, a brand consultant at Fruiting League, has introduced a groundbreaking technique for assessing brand names. This method delves into the phonemic weight and semantic implications of names, leading to a detailed scorecard and an overarching ‘Brand Growth Potential‘ judgement.

Language is steeped in thousands of years of evolution, suggesting that names are more than just tags. The agency believes that the structure and components of a name can reveal much about a brand’s potential. Changing a brand’s name, wholly or partially, can be a crucial step in addressing underperformance.

Case Study Showcase

A notable example of Fruiting League’s work is the rebranding of a Norwegian software company specialising in hospital and emergency services, from CSAM to Omda. “The name ‘Omda’, translating to ‘if then’ in Norwegian, is intrinsically linked to the fundamental concept of their products,” notes Kershen Teo, Fruiting League’s creative director. Paul Vinogradoff shares his insights on the phonemic significance:

The sound ‘Om’ is profoundly meaningful in various Eastern philosophies, representing a universal connection and healing. In Latin, omni conveys the idea of everything, while in Greek, omphalos is the navel, symbolising the source of life. The ‘om’ sound thus embodies a spectrum of meanings, including generative power, eternity, fulfilment, and unity.

The component ‘da’ is positively perceived in numerous cultures, denoting strength and authority. A name that resonates with such deep-rooted positive connotations across languages, and aligns with the relevant industry or product, possesses an inherent allure and value.

The rebranding initiative not only revitalised the company but also led to increased interest from potential acquisition targets, marking a new chapter in the company’s growth.

Identifying Leaders and Revitalising Challengers

In the current economic climate, distinguishing potential leaders from lagging brands is vital. Fruiting League’s approach enables precise evaluation of a brand’s growth trajectory based on its name. They extend an invitation to companies interested in their cutting-edge approach to phonemic brand name analysis to explore how it can redefine their competitive edge.

Paul Vinogradoff and Kershen Teo, with their extensive experience and linguistic knowledge, offer a unique method for harnessing the phonemic attributes of ancient and modern languages to generate success and growth.

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