Breakfast-themed NFT brand ToastPunk expands metaverse with launch of ToastPunk Genesis

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:38 am

Players are being invited to claim 10,000 unique digital toast pieces and dive into a fascinating new augmented reality

January 2021

ToastPunk – the playful NFT universe starring unique toast face characters – is expanding in 2022 with the rollout of ToastPunk Genesis, creators have confirmed. 

ToastPunk has exploded in popularity since its original launch in October 2021 – striking more than 50 partnerships (; FoodFrogs; Blockchain of Fame) and building a celebrity following online (Paris Hilton; Jason Derulo). 

The NFT concept was inspired by a Sunday morning breakfast routine during which father Matthew Ng would make funny faces on pieces of toast alongside his kids.  

Following the success of the original ToastPunk brand, Matthew’s agile technology development company Warrp is releasing 10 new toast friends in February – with 10,000 unique images available on the Ethereum blockchain. 

These characters have been created via a trailblazing method called “Scrambled Trail Art” – which takes the exact same shapes, sizes and textures of the 10 original toast friends and uses these traits to recreate new characters. 

1,000 of these NFTs are also “upgradeable” – with owners able to take advantage of a free airdrop and enjoy access to amazing perks. 

Co-creator Matthew Ng explained: “The idea for ToastPunk comes from the Sunday morning routine when me and my children used to make faces in toast at breakfast time. But later on, they surprised me and did it themselves. 

“My son would pass ingredients from the fridge and the pantry to my daughter – who would arrange the items on top of the toast and use their imagination to recreate their favourite characters from Disney and Nintendo games… before coming up with their very own toast personalities.

“ToastPunk Genesis is an ode to that mischievous and imaginative youthful spirit, inviting adults to engage with their inner child through a life-inspiring NFT collection.”

Holders of ToastPunk Genesis NFTs are also being promised early access to ToastPunk World: An augmented reality that challenges players to balance their energy and happiness by getting jobs, starting families and launching businesses. 

There are plans to launch a portal which users can access via their phones – meaning players can enter ToastPunk World wherever they might be. 

ToastPunk World is due to open in late 2022. 

Visit ToastPunk online to learn more about the next phase of the universe: ToastPunk Genesis. 

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