Two heavyweight software companies geared towards improving businesses management systems have just announced they’re teaming up to double the firepower for customers in need of their stellar digital offerings.

Generis Knowledge Management Inc have now partnered with leading cloud content management company Box, to deliver bold new features and functionality on Generis’ CARA software, that’s already wildly popular among regulated industries.

This partnership combines Generis’ widely lauded CARA functionality with Box’s celebrated platform, which is a real boon for customers, who’ll reap the rewards with significant benefits such as a fully compliant application for regulated content.

Two two companies consider this a hugely important stride towards offering a cutting-edge, top of the market content management solution, based on a solid bedrock of trusted applications that work seamlessly together.

Life Sciences is the central market they’re aiming this carefully-crafted management solution at, but it’s also just as applicable and beneficial for any industry that has to contend with considerable regulatory requirements.

Riju Khetarpal, the Managing Director of Life Sciences, certainly thinks this is a hugely beneficial alliance: “We are delighted to have CARA join our fast growing ecosystem of industry specific integrations that furthers our customer’s objectives of digital transformation”.

The reason for Riju’s excitement is clear: when it comes to Life Science organizations, CARA’s user interface, configuration options and functionality when coupled with the GxP cloud and data privacy proficiency of Box will result in an application that’s 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP compliant. Not only that, it will also deliver an end to end Regulatory Information Management (RIM) solution.

A suite of Life Science solutions will be bundled into CARA, which can be immediately deployed for a number of specific use case such as Regulatory Submissions and eCTD, Electronic Trial Master Files, Quality Management and Pharmacovigilance.

Box lets Life Sciences customers create, manage, collaborate and distribute regulated and non-regulated content, working cross-functionally, either across their organization alone, or sharing the capabilities with external business partners that are critical to the processes of clinical development, regulatory affairs, and manufacturing while sticking to regulatory and security standards such as GxP, 21CFR, Part 11, Annex11, HIPAA, GDPR and more.

Because of CARA’s multitude of configurable features, as well as it’s flexible user-interface that delivers a huge number of ergonomic and functional advantages, all in a cost-effective solution, it’s already sizeable user base looks set to reap a number of benefits from the partnership, which could also attract a slew of customers who need expert content management systems.