Bi-Folding Doors vs. Sliding Doors: Expert Advice from Director of Aluminium Doors Direct

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 08:45 am

In recent years, the popularity of bi-folding doors that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces has surged. However, how do these differ from sliding doors, and which option is the right fit for your needs? Matthew Leach, Director of Aluminium Doors Direct, provides expert guidance to help you make an informed decision.

Key Differences:

Bi-fold doors elegantly fold back onto themselves, typically consisting of two to seven hinged panels that travel along concealed tracks on the floor, ceiling, or both. In contrast, sliding doors usually comprise two or more expansive glass panes that glide sideways within a frame. One notable distinction is that bi-fold doors require space for panels to stack to one side, whereas sliding doors do not protrude outward.

Functionality and Pros and Cons:

Matthew Leach delves into the unique attributes of each door design. “Bi-fold doors have the exceptional advantage of folding completely, essentially opening an entire wall to your patio and garden. This creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing the appeal of your property.”

He continues, “On the other hand, traditional sliding doors often provide around 65 percent opening to the left or right. Pocket doors can be a solution—these glass doors slide into concealed crevices in exterior walls to create a more expansive opening.”

“Sliding doors offer greater control,” Matthew explains. “They can be opened slightly for a gentle breeze, wider for quick access outside, or fully to invite fresh air indoors. If you opt for a bi-fold system, consider a ‘traffic door’ or access leaf, particularly if it’s the primary door leading to the garden.”

Aesthetics and Interior Enhancement:

Matthew explores how each design contributes to interior aesthetics. “Sliding doors, with fewer panels and larger glass surfaces, allow more natural light to penetrate your home. This aspect makes them a valuable addition to modern and contemporary design schemes.”

“While bi-fold doors can expand the opening when fully folded, they expose more vertical frames when closed compared to sliding doors. Sliding doors boast a higher glass-to-frame ratio, offering unobstructed views of your garden or surroundings. This aspect can be visually appealing and enhances open-concept designs. If your priority is abundant natural light or year-round garden views, sliding doors often offer a more suitable solution.”

Cost Efficiency and Energy Efficiency:

Considering budget and environmental concerns, Matthew provides insight into cost-effective and energy-efficient options. “In terms of price, they are relatively similar, contingent on configurations. However, sliding doors with multiple panes tend to become pricier as they widen due to the elevated cost of large single glass units.”

“Due to their narrower frames, sliding doors are generally more thermally efficient than bi-fold doors. Nevertheless, both bi-fold and sliding doors can be tailored to meet specific client requirements.”

About Aluminium Doors Direct:

Aluminium Doors Direct stands as a leading supplier of high-quality Bifolding Doors and Sliding Doors at trade prices in the UK. The company’s sister entity, Northwich Glass, boasts over 60 years of expertise in offering bespoke glazing solutions, earning respect in Cheshire and beyond.

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