Ascendancy Fitness Expansion Becomes Warrington’s Largest Independent Gym

Last Updated on: 29th May 2024, 05:08 am

Ascendancy Fitness, recognised for its commitment to member experience and its distinct purple and neon electric ambiance, is excited to announce its expansion. With this growth, Ascendancy Fitness will become the largest independent gym in Warrington, offering premium equipment from renowned brands such as Prime, Panatta, Hoist, Atlantis, and Watson.

This milestone underscores the team’s dedication to continuous reinvestment, providing a spacious and dynamic fitness environment where members can excel and achieve their fitness goals. Ascendancy Fitness is expanding to include an additional floor of 5,000 square feet at its existing location in Penketh Business Park, creating a 10,000 square foot facility. This extensive expansion allows the gym to introduce more equipment, a larger team, amenities, technology, and additional space for members to enjoy.

Ascendancy Fitness is excited to introduce cutting-edge gym equipment from renowned brands such as Prime, Panatta, Hoist, Atlantis, and Watson. From advanced strength training machines and custom weights to innovative functional and conditioning equipment, the facility will offer a comprehensive range of tools to support members’ fitness journeys, regardless of their previous fitness experience.

The expansion will also enhance the member experience, perfectly complementing its distinctive purple and neon electric vibe. In addition to world-class equipment, members can look forward to the introduction of a dedicated member app. The app will feature a busy checker to help members plan their gym visits, integrated door access for seamless entry, instructional videos for proper equipment usage, and a platform for members to suggest and vote on ideas to improve the gym experience, fostering a sense of community involvement and ownership.

Ascendancy Fitness has always prioritised creating a welcoming experience and a strong sense of community among its members. The expansion not only provides more room for fitness activities but also fosters greater opportunities for members to connect, support, and motivate each other on their fitness journeys, all within the vibrant purple and neon electric ambiance—built around the team’s ethos of vintage training, modern mentality.

Jack Bramhall, Director at Ascendancy Fitness, says, “We are thrilled to announce the expansion of Ascendancy Fitness, which not only makes us the largest independent gym in Warrington but also allows us to introduce world-class equipment and enhance our members’ overall experience. With the addition of our new member app, we aim to provide tools for better gym planning, seamless access, and community involvement, all while maintaining our unmistakable purple and neon electric vibe.”

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