Ardoq Fortifies Leadership Ensemble with Monica Visconti-Patel as Novel CMO

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 11:01 am

Elevating its cadre of top-tier executives, Ardoq, a frontrunner in Nordic SaaS, embarks on a voyage of international expansion, welcoming the seasoned marketing luminary Monica Visconti-Patel. Amidst a resounding crescendo of approval, CEO and co-founder Erik Bakstad hails her as the quintessential fit for this pivotal role.

A stalwart in the domain of digital business management solutions, Ardoq has etched its presence as a formidable contender within the landscape. Its focus targets sizeable tech-centric enterprises intent on orchestrating a renaissance within their digital realms. The company’s acumen is underscored by its entrenched position within Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture (EA), fostering a transformative synergy bridging architects and decision-makers across all echelons of an organisation. Bakstad, with an air of conviction, proclaims that Ardoq’s essence transcends the confines of a mere EA tool.

“In Ardoq, the realm of EA converges with an expansive tapestry of enterprise stakeholders. Their utilisation of Ardoq’s data converges into an orchestra of better and expedited decisions. In a panorama witnessing our target audience burgeon, the mantle of our Chief Marketing Officer necessitates an adept who can elucidate the criticality of insights and real-time data in the crucible of strategic deliberations within vast conglomerates. Our pursuit is, at its core, to be the vanguard of our patrons’ ceaseless odyssey of transformation,” Bakstad asserts with unwavering resolve.

Earlier this year, the ingress of Enterprise Leader Helen Sutton as Chief Revenue Officer heralded a strategic augmentation of Ardoq’s ranks. With Monica Visconti-Patel’s advent, the trajectory continues its ascent, bolstered by her unwavering expertise.

“Ardoq stands as more than a SaaS tool; it embodies a transcendent role within the heart of expansive enterprises. Monica Visconti-Patel’s affinity for Ardoq’s prospective impact within this realm was palpable from the very outset. Her array of accolades from analogous positions in the tech domain and her exuberant energy, bordering on infectious, make her a pivotal asset in the crescendo of Ardoq’s narrative of growth,” Bakstad pronounces with palpable optimism.

Monica Visconti-Patel, a venerable veteran of the tech industry, emerges as the harbinger of transformative change, her trajectory intertwined with multiple software enterprises spanning decades. Her voyage to Ardoq unfolds from a perch as Vice President, EMEA Field Marketing & Acting Head Global Field Marketing at Automation Anywhere. With a past entwined with the likes of RingCentral, MuleSoft, and Jive Software, her pedigree resonates with excellence. She ardently anticipates elevating Ardoq’s marketing endeavours to new echelons.

“Embracing the tech sector for nearly thirty years, I am brimming with optimism for Ardoq’s role in steering its clientele through metamorphosis in these turbulent business climes. Ardoq’s reputation as a trailblazer, replete with audacious branding, visionary product development, and an innovative mindset, evokes confidence. Its meteoric growth trajectory, poised for further expansion, accentuates the intrigue of my role as the CMO,” Visconti-Patel exudes with fervour.

The Potent Aegis of Platform Power

Ardoq’s avant-garde platform, endowed with unparalleled flexibility, casts its net across both private and public sectors. The roster of clients reads like a compendium of eminent names, encompassing titans such as British Telecom, The Carlsberg Group, and MUFG. For Visconti-Patel, a superlative product serves as an inimitable launchpad for her tenure as CMO.

“The halls of Ardoq resonate with familiarity, akin to a homecoming. My professional voyage has meandered through the crossroads of diverse enterprise technology domains—ITSM, PPM, APIs, and Automation—all converging at the nexus of digital business management solutions. An intentional foray into disruptive technologies culminates in my affinity for the Ardoq platform, renowned for its multifaceted capabilities, resonant visualisations, and a visionary executive team. The dynamism pervading the Nordic tech ecosystem is a beacon of promise, and my engagement within this realm is underscored by anticipation,” Visconti-Patel articulates with palpable anticipation.

Come late August, the stage shall be set for Monica Visconti-Patel to inscribe her indelible mark upon Ardoq’s tapestry, embarking on a journey to amplify its reach, stature, and resonance in the domain of digital business management solutions.

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