Animal loving Brits set to spend over £100m* on holiday pet care as they venture off on their Summer break

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:53 pm

Pet owners across the UK are set to add an astonishing £100m* to their summer holiday costs to ensure their family pets are well looked after while they’re away.

New research** from GoCompare Pet Insurance carried out amongst over 2000 UK holidaymakers found that 29% had pets which needed looking after whilst they were on holiday and although more than half (54%) manage to persuade their friends and family to pet sit for free, the remaining 46% pay on average £131 per holiday for pet care.

  • 70% of holidaying pet owners leave their pets with friends and family
  • 54% don’t pay anything extra towards holiday pet care
  • 19% use kennels or a cattery during holidays
  • 6% now opt for home boarding
  • 5% have house sitters
  • Average holiday pet care cost is £131
  • Nearly 1 in 10 (9%) spend more than £200
  • How much does holiday pet care cost?

The cost of pet holiday care can vary depending on the type of pet, type of accommodation owners choose as well as the location. Typically, prices in and around cities tend to be more expensive. Most costs are quoted per day and discounts are usually available if more than one dog or cat from the same home needs looking after and share the kennel or cattery. Owners usually supply enough food to last the stay.


The average cost of placing a dog in kennels for your holiday is approximately £15 per dog per day. Here the dog stays in purpose built secure kennels and is exercised during the day.

Home boarding has grown in popularity in recent years with the dogs living in the boarders’ homes rather than in purpose-built kennels. Costs are slightly more for this ‘home away from home’ option with owners spending around £25.00 per dog per day.


Catteries are slightly cheaper than kennels and owners can expect to pay around £10 per cat per day for their cat to be looked after in purpose-built accommodation away from home.

As cats are generally more independent and need less human supervision than dogs, some owners opt to leave their cat or cats at home and have someone check on them a few times a day to top up food and water and check that all is well. Cat sitters tend to charge between £8-£10 per day.

House sitters

If you have several pets which need looking after a house sitter may work out to be more cost effective. You can expect to pay £45-£60 per day for someone to spend most of their time at your home with your pets although some may make small extra charges for dog walking. As well as your pets being able to stay in familiar surroundings you also have the added benefit of your house being occupied and hopefully more secure while you are away on holiday.

Georgie Frost, Consumer Advocate at GoCompare, commented: “Although part of the family, often it just isn’t practical or affordable to take our pets abroad with us on holiday. If you aren’t fortunate enough to be able to find a friend or neighbour who can care for your furry companions, the alternatives can be very expensive.

“These days owners have more choice than just putting their cat into a cattery or dog into kennels, which even then can set you back over £100 a week. Upgrade your pooch to home boarding and you’re unlikely to get much lower than £175 a week, which certainly adds a hefty amount on to the cost average package holiday.

“However you decide to have your pet looked after, do your homework long before you leave. Pet care providers tend to have the school holiday periods booked up quickly and when you do make a booking they will want proof that you have adequate pet insurance in place in case your pet needs emergency treatment while you’re away.”

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