Amanda Tremlett’s Journey: From Adversity to Best-Selling Empowerment Guru

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:28 am

Celebrating the triumph of her thriving business since its foundation in April 2023, Empowerment Coach Amanda Tremlett has rapidly ascended as an influential figure and co-author of the best-selling “The New Rules of Wellness Volume 1”. Her journey and success have offered immense inspiration to many striving for personal and professional growth.

The story of Amanda Tremlett is a narrative of relentless perseverance and resolve. Despite encountering initial setbacks in her educational journey, Tremlett overcame these barriers and carved a niche for herself in empowerment coaching. Her academic path shifted in 2003 at the University of Hull, where she studied History and addressed her conditions of ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and visual stress.

In 2010, a significant milestone was achieved when Tremlett completed an Advanced Coaching course and became a member of the International Coaching Federation. Her journey to professional success, however, was interspersed with personal battles, including chronic fatigue syndrome and coping with PTSD, a consequence of teenage trauma.

Confronting these life trials head-on, Tremlett engaged in emotional journaling and took an Enterprise Skills course at Hull University. These approaches were instrumental in helping her transcend her traumas and laid the groundwork for her life’s reconstruction. By 2018, she had redefined her life, breaking down routines, and emerged more robust than before.

Tremlett’s dedication to self-improvement and her ability to transform challenges into opportunities were recognised in 2012 when she won the University of Hull’s Education Campaign of the Year award, a testament to her remarkable endurance in adversity.

With a deep conviction in the transformative impact of individual effort, Tremlett has not only overcome her personal obstacles but has also committed herself to guiding others towards achieving their goals. Her coaching emphasises the significance of converting life’s hurdles into success stories, inspiring everyone to realise their capacity for profound transformation.

Currently, Amanda Tremlett is at the helm of a prosperous coaching practice, offering her valuable expertise to a wide range of clients. Her narrative serves as a motivational force for those aspiring to achieve total autonomy, enhance time management skills, and turn obstacles into successes.

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