Amanda Oldfield: The Personality Shaping a Brand

Last Updated on: 27th March 2024, 05:35 pm

Amanda Oldfield’s philosophy of sustainability is at the heart of the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co., driven by her deep-seated belief in the value of longevity and her preference for natural materials.

Her passion for utilising British resources and her eagerness to expand their application have spurred her continuous learning journey, notably leading her into shepherding as a new venture.

Amanda’s lifestyle embodies sustainable living, a theme that she actively explores through her engagement with podcasts and Instagram platforms.

Being eco-aware, Amanda acknowledges her role in environmental care, focusing on making purposeful impacts, however localized they may be.

Harry, her son, fondly remembers, “As children, I always remember my brother Jack and I having wool carpets, cotton curtains and cotton bedding. Nothing was throwaway. It lasted; something that I think is more uncommon nowadays”.

Influenced by her grandmother Ivy May, a discerning Fashion Buyer in Peterborough, Amanda was brought up amidst natural fabrics and a flair for interior decoration.

Amanda’s purchasing decisions are marked by a thoughtful consideration of durability and quality, a practice born out of necessity and a preference for items that stand the test of time.

This principle of enduring quality is particularly relevant today, mirroring the sentiments of homeowners and decor enthusiasts alike who, amidst economic challenges, appreciate Amanda’s sustainable and waste-free approach.

Amanda’s personal and professional life is a reflection of her commitment to quality and sustainability, from her collection of British wool garments to her antique furniture, all echoing the ethos of the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co.

After two decades leading the company, Amanda is now dedicating time to personal passions, with an interest in shepherding sparked by a collaboration with the Sandringham Estate for wool products.

Her quest to use pure British wool led her to gain valuable insights she is keen to share, advocating for wool’s benefits and environmental advantages.

Amanda’s direct experience in shepherding has made her a strong proponent of wool, highlighting its eco-friendly attributes and advocating for consumer support of the British wool industry.

As she anticipates the growth of her flock and her first shearing experience, Amanda is excited about crafting a wool rug, symbolising her commitment to her beliefs.

Through her Instagram, Amanda invites followers into her world, creating a community that prioritises ethical, natural, and sustainable practices.

In the upcoming episodes of the Two in a Bed podcast, Amanda engages with sheep farmer Gordon and Country Life’s Giles Kime, delving deeper into the topics of wool and shepherding.

Amanda aims to develop her personal brand within a community aligned with her sustainable living ethos.

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