All you Need to Know About Hawaii Car Shipping

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:47 am

Have you ever wished to start a new dream-like life in the astonishing islands of Hawaii? This is actually a truly achievable dream, and each year more and more people realize that.

If you are one of those people, and you have already planned and started arranging your new life and place of residence in the Aloha islands, you probably will encounter the problem of moving your car there. You could clearly not be able to drive it to the destination, as you would have to pass about 2000 miles of ocean in order to reach it from the mainland.

Even if the case is the opposite – you want to come back from Hawaii to the mainland, you would have to find other means to transport your vehicle.

Fortunately, auto transport companies exist, and they can take care of the procedure for you.

Why Should You Choose Professional Hawaii Car Shipping

There is an option to ship your car yourself by driving it to a certain port and sending it to Hawaii through a ferryboat. However, there are some serious disadvantages to that option, such as the fact that it could be highly expensive and also bring you tons of stress.

Besides driving through long distances, which poses a certain danger for the vehicle’s condition and requires fuel expenses, you have to pay for the ferry transfer.

Eventually it turns out a lot more preferable to leave the task to an experienced auto transport company like for professional Hawaii car shipping. The company would make all the needed arrangements, while you remain free to focus on other parts of the moving or travelling process.

Pros of Choosing a Professional Car Shipping Company

The first factor that makes professional Hawaii car shipping a much better option than transporting the car yourself is the fact that it’s a lot more economic. Even though the service comes at a certain price, when you compare it to all the expenses and unnecessary stress that come with driving yourself, it turns out that its completely worth it.

Moreover, there are numerous benefits for the preservation of your vehicle’s condition.

While driving at a long distance inevitably there would be some sort of wearing of your car, together with the added mileage to the odometer.

Licensed companies like have all the necessary equipment and work with trained professionals in order to guarantee the complete safety of your car during the shipment process. If you are transporting a luxury vehicle you could additionally ensure its safety by choosing the option for enclosed transportation.

Auto transport allows you to simultaneously ship more than one vehicle. Furthermore, it takes all the unnecessary stress away from you and saves you a lot of time.

How Does Auto Shipping to and from Hawaii Work

In order to ensure that the shipping process goes without problems you need to carefully follow the steps for its arrangement.

The first part begins with choosing an experienced company that would suit your needs and preferences. The team of professionals at will answer thoroughly any question you might have about the procedure, so that it goes smoothly and without any complications.

If you are shipping the car to Hawaii, there are a few ports you can choose for its delivery. These include Honolulu, Hilo, Kawaihae, Kahului and Nawiliwili.

In case you are moving to the mainland, you can get your car shipped to these ports at West Coast: San Diego, Oakland, Long Beach, Tacoma and Seattle. The period of the shipment varies, but you could usually expect it to take between 1-2 weeks.

After all the details have been made clear, you are ready to book the order. You can expect the carrier to come and pick up the car at an arranged time and date.

You will be informed after the car has reached the destination point and it is ready for you to take it from there. If you are moving to the mainland, and you need to travel a long distance, you could arrange with the auto transport company to continue the car shipping to your precise final location.

How Much Does Shipping a Car to Hawaii Cost

The price for professional Hawaii car shipping varies according to all the details surrounding your order. In the estimation of the cost, the company will take into account factors such as the total distance, the method of transportation that you have chosen, the size, model and condition of your car, and others.

It is highly advisable to plan ahead and prepare a sufficient budget for the service and not overlook its importance in favor of other organizational procedures around your move to or from Hawaii.

How to Prepare your Car for Shipping to Hawaii

Since moving to or from Hawaii could be quite a complicated process, it is advisable to book the auto transport order for your vehicle at least a month in advance.

After booking there is a set of rules for the preparation you need to follow strictly if you want to avoid any problems, delay or return of the vehicle.

The first part of the preparation process is to thoroughly clean your car and take out any valuable belongings. Do not be tempted to try to ship some of your luggage inside the vehicle, as there is a chance your belongings will be taken out at the port, and the shipment will be delayed or stopped.

Then make sure you have prepared all the needed documentation such as the registration document in case you are the owner. You will also need to provide a valid ID, so that you will be able to take your car from the port at Hawaii or the mainland.

Prepare an extra set of the keys to give to the carrier, as they will be needed during loading and unloading the vehicle to and from the different types of transportation. For that part you also need to make sure you leave a quarter of the gas tank full.

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