Alfie’s Exclusive Jazz Club Debuts in Soho

Last Updated on: 27th February 2024, 02:43 pm

Soho’s nightlife is poised for an exciting transformation with the opening of Alfie’s Private Members Jazz Club on Greek St this week. The club is the brainchild of Alfie, a cat who has become something of a celebrity in the jazz world, known for his encounters with stars like Sir Michael Palin, Eddie Izzard, and Emma Thompson at The Piano Bar Soho. Now, Alfie is taking center stage with his own establishment.

Featuring a studio grand piano, a stage set for star performances, and Roland’s top-notch sound system, Alfie’s is set to become Soho’s latest hotspot. Tied to the creative Union club, this venue aims to be the place for discovering the finest jazz talent London has to offer, thanks to the producers at Soho Live Studios, famous for their record label and the Soho Jazz Festival.

The opening night tonight promises to be spectacular, with a performance by Jazz FM’s Vocalist of the Year, Cherise, who will sing the club’s theme song “Alfie”, promising an evening of memorable music and stories about the legendary Jazz Cat.

George Hudson, a key figure in Soho’s entertainment scene and Alfie’s human companion, remarked, “Alfie’s not just any cat; he’s embraced the Soho culture and whenever any of our stars pop by to film or record he can’t help but get involved. You can check out some encounters on his Instagram @sohojazzcat, when Stephen Fry was in, he fully understood it was about time he had his own bar! This new club is his legacy, a place where the past and present of jazz collide, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got lined up.”

The club is now accepting reservations for its nightly live music events, offering memberships for those eager to dive deep into Soho’s music scene, with an annual fee of just £35.

The programme features Alfie’s Jazz Jam every week, showcasing both emerging and established talents, and The Night Train, a cocktail and music event every weekend.

Decorated in a style reminiscent of Soho’s swinging sixties and combining vintage flair with contemporary art, currently displaying works by David Ferry, Alfie’s is not just any club but a portal to a bygone era.

Alfie’s is located on the first floor at 49 Greek St, offering a unique experience where jazz rules and a cat is in charge. For membership and ticket information, visit and secure your spot in Soho’s newest legend.

Alfie’s is more than just a jazz club; it’s an intimate musical journey, complete with chilled cocktails and nights that promise to be unforgettable. Are you ready to be part of this legend?

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