Ahmed Ezz’s Commitment to Local Communities

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:51 pm

Despite his significant achievements as an international business leader – having built Africa’s largest steel producer from the ground up – Ahmed Ezz has indicated that his greatest pleasure in life was to serve the people of Egypt as a Member of Parliament, helping to build a more prosperous and ambitious future for his country and elevating issues affecting local communities.

Praised for his integrity, vision and drive, Mr Ezz served as Member of Parliament from 2000 to 2011, having been elected by the constituents of Menouf El-Sadat in 2000 and re-elected in 2005 and 2010.

Having learned the value of self-responsibility from a young age – his father having instilled in him the belief that we are each responsible for our own successes and failures in life and that anything is possible with hard work and determination – Ahmed Ezz was determined to deliver the opportunities that ordinary people need to attain their ambitions and thrive.

Throughout his time in office Mr Ezz worked tirelessly, championing local causes at a national level and promoting the interests of his constituents. He used his intellect, understanding and unique insights into the business world to influence and advance national policies for the benefit of all Egyptian citizens.

Throughout his tenure as a Member of Parliament for Menouf El-Sadat, Mr Ezz closely monitored issues affecting those living within his constituency, working fervently to introduce laws or amend legislation that would overcome barriers to progress and challenges hindering local people.

As an MP for Menouf El-Sadat, Mr Ezz took a personal interest in supporting his constituents, expanding access to opportunities and experiences that might not otherwise have been available to them. Mr Ezz personally sponsored a wide range of different projects in his constituency via the Al Ezz Organization for Local Community Development, an NGO he established in 2002.

This included the funding of projects to deliver vital support and opportunities to Egyptians in the enabling sectors of education, healthcare, training and employment, as well as supporting religious and cultural projects, elevating local communities, and enriching people’s lives.

Ahmed Ezz backed a scheme to provide medical care for constituents unable to pay for private healthcare or meet the cost of health insurance premiums. He also supported schemes focusing on education, helping sight and hearing-impaired students to access public transport, as well as providing extra tuition to students at vastly reduced rates and expanding and advancing their education via after-school and weekend classes.

Mr Ezz also supported agricultural businesses across Menouf El-Sadat, providing funding for fertilisers, veterinary care and other essentials for farmers who were struggling financially. The scheme ensured that the region enjoyed a thriving agricultural sector, supporting local farmers and feeding local people at the same time.

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