Advice for Writing a Job Advert

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:07 am

Recruiting suitable employees to fill vacancies at your company can be a struggle. One of the most effective ways to ensure that you find the right people is to tailor your job advert to attract them. Here are some tips to help create the perfect ad to find the people you need.

The Job Title Matters

Ultimately, it will be tough to find the employees you need without a compelling job title in your ad. People generally search for jobs online these days, and often the primary way they do this is by searching for their desired job title. If your listing is too specific, many people will never see the ad even though they might be ideal candidates. Using more general terms for the title (i.e. accounts manager) can be an easy way to expand the reach of your job posting.

What to Include in Your Ad

While there isn’t an ideal structure for a job advert, your listing should follow some basic rules to enhance its readability and appeal to potential employees. While you can use this guide to understand what should be in a job advert, Hiring People have a job advert template to streamline the writing process.

You should begin with a brief introduction. It would be best if you described the job itself in this section, not the company.

Next, outline the primary responsibilities that come with the position. Here you can describe some of the main tasks that a successful applicant would likely undertake regularly. When summarising these tasks, it is good to relate them to the business’s overarching goals to help the applicant understand their overall position in the company. Try to include what skills and qualifications a successful candidate would have concerning these tasks.

It is crucial to detail the rewards that the employee will receive for their work. This should include but is not limited to an estimation of their salary. This section should also detail any other benefits included in their employment, such as private health insurance or a gym membership. These benefits could be a critical decision-maker for a prospective employee considering a position at a rival business. You can find a detailed run-down of desirable benefits here.

You should also take care to describe your company adequately. It is important to clarify which industry you operate in and relate this to the role in question. While you should provide detail here, avoid going overboard. If a candidate is interested in the role, they will undoubtedly do their research into the company, so you don’t need to write an essay.

Finally, you should end the advert by advising what the candidate should do next. You might want to include contact details should anyone have any informal enquiries, or whether a cover letter is needed and what they should include in an application.

A Well Written Ad Can Attract the Best Employees

Ultimately, your job advert must be well written and contain enough information about the position and your company. This will allow you to reach many more applicants and, therefore, to find the individual best suited to the role in question.

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