What is Title IX and what’s its impact?

Title IX is a Federal law passed in the United States by President Richard Dixon in 1972. The sole purpose of this law is to prevent sexual discrimination on campuses. It was meant to monitor the educational institutes and protect the civil rights of students, faculties, and staff. But gradually it has become a tool for the universities to get control over students. People often are exposed to threats related to bullying, harassment, discrimination, and other adverse experiences. This is undoubtedly an unfortunate event for a person facing this misbehavior. However, in some cases, innocent people may also get accused falsely.  If you are accused under Title IX, it might be a career-spoiling event in your life. If proven guilty, not only will you be expelled from the institute and lose respect socially, but there is also very less chance you can get admission to any other institute to finish your education. Hence, it’s a stigma that will burn you for a lifetime as your career choices and hopes will get shattered. On top of that, it will ruin your social reputation. Even though these accusations come as trouble in your life, you still have your chances to fight back. All you need to do is hire a well-experienced education lawyer in Florida who will competently fight your case and present your case to Federal court. It is often difficult to find the right attorney in Title IX cases as very few of them have the proper knowledge and the right connections.

Few things you need to know about Title IX:

  • This is a Federal Law passed in the 70s to lower the rates of sexual discrimination in high schools and university campuses. With changes in the political front, the law has evolved multiple times in the last 50 years and it continues to change.
  • Each school appoints a Title IX coordinator who takes note of all the complaints under this law. Once a complaint is raised, the coordinator issues a written notice to the accused and appoints an investigator who talks with both parties, looks for physical evidence, and talks to the witnesses. Once he comes up with a report, the school authority can decide based on the proofs submitted and give a verdict. However, in case, the university offers a hearing session, both parties are allowed to represent their cases with help from a Title IX attorney.
  • After the hearing, once the authority takes a decision, both parties are entitled to appeal against that if they are dissatisfied with the verdict.

Accused of sexual abuse under Title IX? Act smart!

Don’t wait if you have been accused of any sexual misconduct, seek expert advice from the best education lawyer in Florida. He will patiently guide you through the proceedings in the case and help you get favorable results. Most people rely on legal advisors from their locality or social circle. However, this is not good advice as only a seasoned Title IX attorney with immense experience and knowledge handling similar cases can help you escape this dilemma.