A Unique London Picnic Adventure with Chilli Chihuahua and Sukhi

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 08:36 am

Join Chilli Chihuahua, the ultimate influencer, and his adorable companion Sukhi as they take London’s summer picnics to a whole new level!

Chilli, a sun-loving Chihuahua with a passion for the great outdoors, brings his Mexican spirit to the city. Embracing his favourite time of the year, he invites us to join a series of themed picnics in London’s beautiful parks. And what’s the theme, you ask? Chilli has ingeniously created a tribute to the parks’ history and fame!

The adventure begins at the enchanting Hampstead Heath, known to have inspired CS Lewis’ magical land of Narnia. Chilli and Sukhi transform into The Lion, The Witch, and even find a wardrobe to complete the fantasy!

Next on the itinerary is Regent’s Park, home to London Zoo. As you’ll see, a couple of playful pandas have escaped their enclosure, enjoying a taste of wild freedom amidst the lush surroundings.

Our fancy royal affair takes place in Kensington Gardens (Hyde Park), where the late Princess Diana graced the landscape. Chilli and Sukhi don bespoke regal outfits, creating a truly majestic dining experience in the great outdoors.

Battersea Park becomes a haven for birdwatching and butterfly spotting as Chilli takes on the role of a keen observer for the day.

Last but certainly not least, the famous Richmond Park steals the spotlight, known for its deer colonies and abundant wildlife. Witness a romantic moment as two deer stray from the herd, capturing the essence of nature’s beauty.

We invite you to delight in these captivating pictures, showcasing the spirit of adventure and the joy of picnicking in London’s parks. Follow Chilliwawa and his delightful picnic escapades on Instagram for more!

As we enjoy the summer sunshine, it’s important to keep our furry friends cool and safe. Here are some tips to ensure your dog stays comfortable during hot days:

  • Always provide a water bowl filled with cool water for your pup.
  • Consider a cooling coat to help regulate their body temperature.
  • Ensure your dog has access to shaded areas for relief from the sun.
  • If your dog enjoys safe fruits like strawberries, offer them as a refreshing and hydrating treat.
  • Lastly, avoid going for walks during the hottest hours to prevent overheating.

Join Chilli Chihuahua and Sukhi on their picnic adventures, and make this summer in London truly unforgettable!

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