A Club From Cyprus Allows Fans to Sleep Overnight on the Football Pitch

Last Updated on: 13th May 2024, 04:40 pm

Pafos FC, a premier football club in Cyprus, has captured headlines by allowing fans to spend a night on the football pitch before their inaugural appearance in the National Cup final.

The anticipation around Pafos FC’s historic progression to the National Cup final, a landmark event for the club, reached new heights. With the team having never clinched a trophy previously, fans were seen lining up outside the stadium before ticket sales started, keen to be part of this significant event.

In a novel initiative, the club permitted its supporters to camp overnight on the pitch, offering a distinct experience to its devoted fan base. Some supporters chose to bring cushions and blankets, sleeping directly on the pitch, an occurrence seldom witnessed in professional football.

Typically, football clubs avoid allowing fans on the pitch to prevent potential damage to the turf. Nevertheless, Pafos FC’s CEO, Charis Theocharous, supported the decision, regarding the fans’ endeavour as a “good idea” and confirmed that the pitch would remain unscathed.

“Our city has never experienced anything like this. We have a small city that is going crazy right now because of the final. Of course we let the fans in, we are all one family. I’m not worried about the lawn, there was no harm done to it.”

Pafos FC, established in 2014 through the amalgamation of AEP Paphos and AEK Kouklia, is based in Cyprus. The team notably secured fourth place in the Cypriot Cup in 2023.

The forthcoming National Cup final, set for May 18th, will see Pafos FC compete against Omonia.

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