9 ways to use car decals for your business

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:21 am

Even if you’re not a car person, car decals are an excellent marketing method to use for your business. Your car is like another billboard, but instead of having to pay for each advertisement put on it, car decals are paid once and last the lifetime of your car. The U.S. car fleet is approximately 245 million vehicles strong, which means car decal advertising has a huge target market to take advantage of!

Here are 9 ways you can use car decals for business:

1) Company logo car decal

Having a car decal with your company’s logo on it is the most obvious way you can use them for business marketing purposes. They’re not just great for cars either – van and truck owners can also get in on the action by using van stickers or truck lettering instead! Make sure that when using car decals for advertising that they’re placed on the car in such a way that they can be viewed from as many angles as possible.

2) Business car decal

If you own your car, car decals are a great promotional tool to advertise for your business. They’re one of those low-cost, high-return items because the more cars and trucks pass by and see it, the better! If you do choose this method for advertising, make sure to place the car decal so it faces oncoming traffic. But what if you don’t own your car? It’s not uncommon these days for employees to drive their own vehicles (for commuting or other purposes) while doing business through their employer via carpooling or renting vehicle fleets – these employees will definitely want car decals with their name and work-related information so people know who they are when they get picked up.

3) Local car decal advertising

Having a car decal that advertises your local business or event is an inexpensive way to connect with potential customers in the area. They’re great for networking because car decals can be worn across state lines – you never know the people you might meet traveling around!

4) Car transportation car decal

Keep your car safe by using car transport car decals. These stickers make it very clear to other cars on the road what kind of load (whether it be passengers, pets, etc.) is inside of your vehicle while making sure not to obstruct any vision from outside mirrors.

5) School car decal advertising

Placing car decals on the car serves as a reminder to parents of current or future students that you have a car for rent. Car decals can be used for carpooling and car rentals, giving parents another way to transport their students without having to go through the hassles of renting an expensive vehicle from a car rental company. These car stickers are also great for those who want to advertise their business as being student-friendly. Make sure that your car is large enough to accommodate all who may request transportation from your business!

6) College car decal advertising

Much like school car decals, college car stickers are a discreet way for students to find rides either on campus or off. For car rental companies or carpooling services, it’s a great way to advertise your car for students. These car decals also work well for newlyweds and newly-accomplished drivers looking to make connections in the area!

7) Sports car decal

For car owners with sports cars, car stickers can be used as an easy and accessible form of advertising. Not only do they offer low-cost promotions, but these car decals have been known to bring good luck – why not give it a try?

8) Car accident car decal

In case you get into any accidents while on the road, add a car sticker that notifies everyone on the road of its location. The last thing you want is to be involved in a car accident and have other car drivers get angry at you because they didn’t know where all the car parts ended up. In case of car accidents, car decals are an easy way to keep everyone out of harm’s way!

9) Car donation car decal

A car sticker is a great idea for anyone who wants to donate their car or van to a charity. Often used by non-profit agencies, car donation stickers help potential donors decide whether or not the agency is worth donating goods and services to. These stickers can also be used as a reminder of past causes so people will continue giving back throughout the year!


Whether you own your own business, work for someone else, drive to school or drive to work each day, chances are that it’s difficult not to see one of the many cars on the road with a customized advertisement – whether it be via paint job or adhesive vinyl sticker. Between students and professionals alike, there are an ever-increasing number of people using their cars as mobile billboards in order to get their name out there. From promoting local businesses through college car decals to giving away free rides with non-profit stickers, Car Decals are easy ways to promote anything you want!

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