9 Things to Consider When Buying a New House

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:12 pm

You have won a significant triumph in life if you have plans to purchase property and are now hunting for a new house. Because purchasing the ideal house is not a simple endeavour; it is one of life’s greatest accomplishments. Probably something you’ve been daydreaming of for years! If you want to know the value of the property you intend to buy, you will need to find an expert who can provide Free Property Valuation in Bracknell

We’ve highlighted nine factors to consider when advising you to buy a house, such as staging and restrictive covenants.

Facing the House

A north-facing property may make the difference between a very dismal and bright home in the summer. It may be challenging to tell north from a south-facing house or garden on a misty day or at night in winter. If you notice the property, feel free to bring a compass, as it could be on your phone. Although bi-fold doors are standard, you should be aware that solar gain can make the room unbearably warm when it’s sunny outside. Try to get there and use it when the sun is out.

Room for Storage

Storage space is crucial but occasionally has to be considered when looking at possible residences to buy. Where will you keep the trash boxes, towels, extra blankets, and vacuum? Is there room for built-in cabinets or shelves? Storage space may be scarce, especially in newly built homes.

Is the building’s foundation sturdy?

Although you should be ready for some hairline cracks, you desire larger cracks. Due to their propensity to bend or collapse away from the rest of the house, end-of-terrace walls, bay windows, and locations where extensions meet should all be carefully observed. Finding issues early on will enable you to ask the homeowner or estate agent about them and then seek a surveyor investigation. You can only look for what you are familiar with; a chartered surveyor with years of experience is trained to identify dangers and know what needs attention.

Do the rooms meet your demands in terms of size?

Smaller furniture has reportedly been placed in rooms by new house builders to give the impression that they are more extensive. Take heed! Will your current furniture fit, assuming you won’t buy all new pieces the moment you move in? Your intended usage for the bedrooms will determine whether or not they are appropriate for your requirements. Families with young children, for instance, might not choose a home where the main bedroom is located on a different floor from the bedrooms for the youngsters. Once more, the size and number of bedrooms are crucial factors. However, there are many other things you should also consider, such as closet space, natural and artificial light sources, views from the windows, general privacy, and whether the main bedroom has an attached bathroom.

What is the roof’s age?

Depending on the material, a new roof can only last up to 20 years, and replacing one is expensive. In addition, examine the material utilised to seal any roofs that are flat or nearly flat on the structure. In place of asphalt and gravel, which can sometimes leave seams and edges open, a membrane is now utilised and is preferable.

How many electrical outlets are there, and how are they maintained?

If your new home’s wiring is subpar, rewiring it may be expensive and dangerous. The fuse board typically indicates the wiring condition; nevertheless, a survey will establish whether it has to be changed. It’s essential to keep this in mind while assessing a home since having enough plug ports is said to be a key selling point in a more technologically savvy culture.

Is the plumbing functioning properly?

Open the faucets to check the water pressure. Please check the pipes to make sure they are not made of lead, which would need to be replaced, and find out whether they are insulated.

How does the attic look?

The attic gets little attention while being a crucial component of the home. How simple is it to get to? Is there a lot of storage? Could it be made into additional rooms? Is insulation present? The latter can significantly impact your winter comfort and expenses.


If you have more than one car or want to utilise the garage for something other than parking, you might wish for a multi-car garage. It is essential to take note of the total number of parking places, the width and length of the driveway, and whether or not there is street parking.

Final Thoughts

It can be overwhelming to look for a new house for purchase. And if you decide to buy, you’ll want to be sure you’ll be pleased because it will be such an expensive investment and long-term commitment.

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