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7 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Video Views in the UK: Fast & Cheap Methods

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:27 pm

Instagram is the most vital marketing channel online today. You can improve your brand’s online presence and revenues by attracting more views. In this article, we will look at the best ways to attract plays, explain why they matter to influencers, and reveal which websites to buy video views for your IG account.

Why are views essential for Insta engagement?

Instagram videos that get no attention are worthless. These videos have just taken up your time. Having no interactions on their videos, influencers will hardly ever get tempting marketing offers and strengthen their presence on social media.

However, by getting Instagram views on videos, influencers can build a better presence by adding more fans through an improvement in your video’s performance in Instagram’s algorithm. In addition, hits are critical for building your name as an influencer. With a good flow of engagement for your video, you can rank higher and improve your organic views as well as your reputation.

Top websites for Buying Instagram video views in the UK

There are numerous choices if you have decided to get real views for your account and become an Insta influencer. And the websites in which you can receive more plays for the videos for your account vary in cost, service, and process.

So, here are the top websites to purchase Instagram video views for your account.

1.    🥇SocialsGrow

For those who are into growing buy UK Instagram video views, SocialsGrow may become a perfect option. They offer a cost-effective solution for strengthening a media presence that will increase revenues as well as chances to become peoples’ favorite influencer.

When you pay for Instagram engagement, you may select from several packages that range from just a couple of dozen IG views to hundreds or thousands high-quality hits. The length of time that it takes for your business to get all the view count depends on the package size you order.

The more you purchase, the longer it takes. This is to make it look more natural, which only improves organic results. The problem with other services is that they can send you thousands of plays in an hour, and this will end with the block of your profile. So with buying engagement, you need to wait patiently to get really great results.

If you look to purchase real Instagram video views with SocialGrows, just select the package, give them the video, and then pay. You will start to see the platform hits increase shortly afterward.

SocialGrows also allows for the video views to be delivered in an organic format that improves the appearance of your brand. Some brands will deliver them within a short period. But this will look unnatural and can harm your performance on Instagram in the longer run.

Your personal details are protected from being sold to third parties. And Insta will not know you have purchased them, whether you purchase video views on IG or more followers for your account.

With a fantastic customer support team and excellent confidentiality, you should ensure that social media platforms will get the boost it needs.

So, why choose this service?

  • ➡️ Only genuine engagement that facilitates organic growth
  • ➡️ Professional customer service
  • ➡️ Money-back guarantee
  • ➡️ Various packs on any budget 

2.             🥈BuyTopLikes

Instagram views are very challenging to get to the top of Instagram accounts. However, with BuyTopLikes you can take away the challenge and build a brand to impress your audience. What makes this option among the best sites to buy engagement is that you can purchase as many or as few as you like.

To purchase Instagram engagement, all you need to do is choose the package, which starts at just 50 Instagram hits and then goes up to as many as 10,000 views. Just tell them which account to promote, and then you will receive the engagement.

One more advantage of this service is that it has lots of great reviews, which is always a powerful indicator that they do their job right. You can read them on their site or sites like Trustpilot.

As you notice more Instagram video views on the account, you will also gain more followers. Finally, when you purchase from them, you shouldn’t be concerned about your personal details as they keep their processes safe.

Overall, the reason why we would choose this company are the following:

  • ➡️ Affordable costs
  • ➡️ Safe processes 
  • ➡️ Organic delivery that won’t harm your account 
  • ➡️ Good reputation

3.             🥉 ViralGrowing

ViralGrowing is among the top locations to purchase hits online. When purchasing Instagram video views, aspiring influencers will not only get cheap views on IG accounts. Only real accounts are used to help you grow, and Insta viewers will deliver the organic growth your account needs.

To buy Instagram views here, you choose the package you want on your profile. Then you can enter your account details and make the purchase. Within just a few moments, you will get the high-quality hits you would like on your page.

ViralGrowing is among the best options for purchasing IG video views. Not only can they help you with your engagement, but they can help with the long-term gains with engagement from active accounts. And with their help, you can enjoy success.

To conclude, here’s why ViralGrowing is a good choice:

  • ➡️ User-friendly interface
  • ➡️ Low cost
  • ➡️ Only active and authentic accounts 

4.             SMM Captain

SMM Captain is a place to get Instagram plays at a very cost-effective rate. Your Instagram videos will get a boost in views, engagement, and popularity, and this will lead to general growth in all other social media performance.

SMM Captain is known to provide sublime services, with cheap Instagram video views that come from active users’ accounts. All it takes is just a couple of clicks.

Once you’ve placed an order on the website, rest assured that your video views on Instagram will all be delivered in just a few days. Just remember that you provide an accurate profile name; otherwise the engagement will be delivered to the wrong account.

While SMM Captain is said to be a very reliable service, the biggest problem with this provider is that they don’t have many reviews on TrustPilot or other review sites. The reasons for this might be because they’ve not attracted a high number of clients or because their client base, like so many others, wants to remain silent that they’ve used their service.

5.             Buyinstafollower

Buyinstafollower is well-known for helping influencers get more followers. And they are known for delivering real followers from the audiences that matter to the brand. Their social media services are perfect for those who are on a budget.

Buying Instagram hits from this provider is an excellent way to improve your chances of success. You can promote video posts, Insta stories, and your account with this service.

Prices are relatively low, which makes them a very cost-effective marketing company. And for those who are based in the United Kingdom, this is a great option, they are well-known for being among the premium places to buy UK Instagram video views.

Unlike many of the others on the list, Instafollower is based solely on the Insta app. In some respects, this can be beneficial as it puts them in a strong position to be highly experienced on the platform.

However, it also means that they don’t have much experience on other channels. And while you might be focused solely on your Instagram video views now, it doesn’t mean that you might want to forget the other channels and metrics at this time.

6.             SuperViral

SuperViral claims to be voted the top site to get Instagram hits. They certainly have the reputation and a case to claim this. But there are lots of others on this list that could also claim this. What they do have is a reliable marketing service that can build your profile and improve your performance on the social media channel.

When you are purchasing IG video views from this company, you get engagement from only real accounts. And when you provide them with your business or personal account, you will get the service delivered within just a few minutes. Though it can take a few days for you to get all the impressions delivered to your account.

And it is essential to note that the social media marketing team behind this option will deliver the best customer service. They offer customer service 24/7.

The biggest problem with SuperViral is that they don’t offer a gradual delivery of all the engagements. Therefore, when you make a purchase, your account is suddenly flooded with activity.

While this might sound like an ideal situation, it can often mean that you don’t have the authenticity that you need. A gradual supply of Instagram video views for any account can improve how the algorithm sees your profile and will keep it high on feeds longer if it continuously gets new engagements.

However, when you have your engagements delivered in one go, you only get a short-term improvement in results. In some cases, it might be enough to grow organically. But in the majority of cases, it can lead to long-term disappointment.

And this might be the reason why this service gets some mixed reviews on Trustpilot.

7.             Social Captain

Influencers looking into buying Instagram views may consider using Social Captain. It is certainly among the best options for organic hits that will be delivered quickly to your account. IG followers added to the profile will get you a larger audience and improve your returns on the application.They guarantee that your business will get access to real users. 

To get started on Social Captain, all you need is to select the service you want. Then you can pay for the service, and your monthly service will begin. Unlike other services that are on the list, instead of a one-off service, you get a monthly service. Each month you will get support in growing your following.

The costs of Social Captain are not low, making this media outlet among the most expensive on the list. And there are no guarantees on the amount of followers or views you will get on the profile. Therefore, it can be challenging to know whether your money is being well spent, and it makes it the riskiest on the list.

There are three levels that you invest in. The lowest has limited features, whereas the most expensive is only affordable to those with large budgets.

Benefits of buying real video views for influencers and why fake views don’t work

In order to become a popular influencer and pave the way for successful influencer marketing strategies, you need to have high engagement rates on your IG profile. This can be possible only if you have lots of genuine followers who interact with your content one way or another. If we speak about views, the more of them you have on your videos, the higher the chances that you will be noticed by a brand who will offer you to market their goods. 

On the contrary, fake plays are not going to benefit your account in the long term. That’s why you should focus on getting active plays from high-quality service providers. When you are purchasing followers, of course, you should also ensure that the company is offering your authentic users who are active. Having lots of bots on your profile will not help you to become a blogger who can influence the masses

If one purchases views from a company that does not follow this rule, then they won’t expand beyond the initial purchase. Therefore, you are not getting the returns you will want from the service, and the other users won’t engage with the content. And fake activity on your content is instantly recognisable to others.

One way to prevent this is to ask the company’s customer service support team questions about their service before you buy followers or hits. Those that are legitimate will be willing to talk to you.

Who is the leader to purchase IG hits in the UK? 

There are numerous brands for buying Instagram views that are your next best site. However, you definitely want to buy from only the best and those that offer instant delivery when you purchase views. 

If you’d like to buy video views from those on the list, then our recommendation is SocialGrow. They have top services for getting plays and can introduce your personal brand to other users on the application.

Few others can offer the high-quality views that SocialGrows can offer.


High-quality views are legal on Instagram UK. All you have to take care of is to ensure to buy views that are authentic and not from fake accounts. Those that we’ve included in this post deliver views that are not just authentic but are also engaged on the app, so they will assist you in winning the social media game.

Can my account be suspended for buying an engagement?

When influencers decide to purchase Instagram views for video posts (a thing that many bloggers often do!), they have to protect themselves. That is why you should not get those from fake accounts. However, by using the services that we’ve mentioned in this blog post, you won’t attract any fake accounts.

How can I pay?

There are numerous ways to pay for hits when you want to commit. Many services will accept many forms of payment, including debit/credit cards, Bitcoin, and other options like Google or Apple Pay.

Does it really work?

If you really want to be a successful Insta influencer, you need to consider buying hits. Not only does it introduce you to new people globally that will be interested in your personal brand and your marketing content but it also can help you with an organic reach that brings even more people to your page. Therefore, you can earn even more UK Instagram video views.

How much will I need to invest in Instagram video views on average?

The average cost of video views on Instagram depends on the service that you are using. It will also depend on the number that you would like to get. Those looking at Instagram video views purchase in the UK need to carefully consider budgets. IG plays will be cheaper per view when buying a larger package because purchasing in bulk is always cheaper.

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