6 Organisation Goals For Your Self Storage Unit

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:39 am

Get inspired with 6 goals that will help you get your self storage unit more organised this year.

Often when we think about organisation we can focus ouhttps://www.businessmole.com/6-organisation-g…elf-storage-unit/r efforts on the home or business premises. This can leave our self storage units without any attention, which is a real shame because it is a space that can truly benefit from better organisation.

To help you achieve a more organised, clutter-free, self-storage unit, consider making these 6 organisation goals;

1.   Size Check

It’s hard to organise a space that’s too small because you can’t even create a walkway to get to your things. A space too big may encourage you to fill it even though you don’t actually need that extra square footage. Completing a size check means you get the right size unit for your needs, making organisation and management much easier.

2.   Making A Log

Making a self storage log is one of those jobs that takes forever to complete in the beginning, but then maintaining it is easy. It is essentially a listing where every container in your unit is labelled and that label corresponds to a listing in the log that lists what is in that container. If you use your unit a lot it is helpful to make a digital log so that you can make easy adjustments as container contents change. As an added bonus, you could also use your new log making skills to boost your organisation elsewhere.

3.   Cleaning Up

Cleaning your unit regularly helps remove dust and debris from the space. It also helps you spot nasty problems like mould, pests and damp quickly. The sooner these problems are spotted the sooner you can stop them from causing any further damage.

4.   Decluttering

The savviest of cheap self storage users declutter their unit as regularly as they declutter their home. It can become chaotic and disorganised just like a home, causing you to pay for space you don’t need, struggling to access everything you have stored in there. Giving it a good declutter means you’re only paying for space you really need, and you have better access to everything in there.

5.   Better Storage Accessories

Do you have your clothing in self storage stuffed in a recycling bag? Are there ripped and broken cardboard boxes in your storage space? It could be time to upgrade your storage accessories. Plastic boxes, clothes rails, shelving and other accessories could make your unit much more organised. They will also give you greater use of the space and help protect your things more effectively.

6.   More Visits

Visiting your unit regularly is a great idea when it comes to keeping your things organised and in great condition. You don’t have to do much, just give it a little dust, and check everything is in good condition. You’re looking for thick areas of dust, any holes and any areas of black or white patches. This will help you to identify mould, pests and dust issues quick enough to prevent any issues getting worse.

The goals above can help you to make the most of your cheap self storage unit. This will ultimately help you keep your belongings in great condition, and ensure you are only ever paying for space that you truly need for extra storage.

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