5 Gift Ideas to Give to a New Client

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 08:12 am

Signing a contract with a new client doesn’t mean you have their business for life. Clients have many choices when it comes to the services or products they buy. Customer retention is one of the things that you have to struggle with.

To retain clients, you need a great product and fantastic customer service. Another solution for customer retention is of course gifts.

You need to welcome new customers with amazing gifts. The best gifts for new clients are personal, useful, and memorable. They are not generic. You should consider the interests of your customers before gifting them. When you gift clients it shows you care about them and their business.

What are good gifts for new clients? How much should you spend on customer gifts? We will answer these questions below.

  1. You Will Never Go Wrong With a Coffee Gift

Coffee is the lifeblood of the corporate world; it is what keeps everyone going. You and your employees love coffee and so do your clients. A unique coffee gift set is the ideal client gift. It is a personal way of welcoming a new client to your business.

Your gift set can have two personalized mugs that have been engraved with the name of the new client. This will show that you appreciate your client.

What about gifting your client with a basket of gourmet coffees? This is a nice thank you for the client choosing your business.

You can send your client a K-cup coffee sampler. Each time they enjoy a cup of coffee, they will fondly think about your business.

  1. Consider Something Classic

The best gifts for new clients are timeless. These are things that they will enjoy for many years. A desktop succulent is something classic. Unlike traditional flowers, it will last for years with little maintenance. It will stay on your client’s desk for long: reminding them of your brand and business partnership. Every time they look at it, they will think about your business.

If your client is an avid golfer, consider classic golf balls and tees. Classic tumblers will also do the trick. Your client will use them for soda, tea, and coffee.

Board game gift baskets will be memorable. Board games will help the client relieve boredom and stress.

You can take things a notch higher with a bean bag toss game set. This is a timeless and simple game that can be played at the office or home. Personalize the game set with the client’s name and you can rest assured they will do business with you for a long time.

  1. Food Gifts are Always Appreciated by New Clients

Who doesn’t love food? What about a catered lunch for your client? You don’t have to overspend. A sandwich bar or a nice burrito will do the trick. You can also throw in some cookies.

Consider gourmet delights. You can decide to send your client unexpected freshly baked goodies to their office for the entire team to enjoy.

A spectacular food gift basket will show your new client your appreciation and will motivate them to continue doing business with you. Confirm whether your client has food allergies to send vegetarian and gluten-free options when appropriate.

If your client loves preparing gourmet delights, why not send them a gourmet cookbook with some non-perishable ingredients? This will appeal to their passion for cooking and will make them love your business more.

  1. The Perfect Wine & Beer Gifts for New Clients

In the corporate world, a bottle of wine is a common gift. For your new clients, do something more special and personal. Find a beautiful wine glass set that is likely to be appreciated. Think along vintage-inspired design.

If your new client is into beer, consider a personalized beer mug gift set. Your beer-loving client will also appreciate a beer brewing kit and a personalized bottle opener.

  1. Corporate Gift Hamper from Hampers with Bite

Hampers with Bite has the perfect corporate gift hamper for your new client. Their corporate clients include Coca-Cola, Qantas, Toyota, Woolworths, Commonwealth Bank, and Office Works. Their gift hamper will impress your clients while allowing your brand to shine. It will be branded with your logo and company colors.

The Bottom-Line:

How Much Should You Spend on Gifts for New Clients?

Don’t overdo corporate gifts. For a new client, anything between $30 and $50 will do fine. If you are a small business, don’t fret about spending on gifts for new clients. These gifts always pay off in the long run and they leave a lasting impression on your clients.

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