Whilst we all try to deal with the extraordinary fallout from the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic there are many areas of business that are struggling to continue trading. This has had a profound effect on employment as business owners are and closing their doors and laying off staff. The UK government has put in place measures to support good businesses in covering 80% of employees monthly pay upto £2,500.

However, in these uncertain times there are some businesses that are bucking the trend and thriving. They are able to make the most of this situation as many people self isolate, and work from home where possible. Here we take a look at some of these business areas.

Video calling

Never has there been a greater time to make the most of technology that most of us have access to. Video calling means that whilst we stay at home to save lives we are still able to see our family and friends. The mainstream video calling services we are familiar with are Whats App and Facetime. However, Zoom has become a business that many wouldn’t have been familiar with before this crisis but is now a household name. Video conferencing services such as Zoom have meant that we can have video calls with many family and friends at the same time to enable us to stay in contact.

Video calling has helped many families to stay in contact especially with elderly or vulnerable people who have had to shield themselves during these difficult times. This technology enables grandparents to still see their grandchildren without the risk of catching the virus themselves. This really is an area which will change how we work and interact forever.

Online entertainment

Whilst shops are shut, and let’s face it, there isn’t much to do. As such we are making the most of online entertainment services. Online bingo, gaming, casino and lottery firms are increasingly popular. Lottery companies like lottoland.co.uk have seen a rise in players looking for alternative entertainment. Ranging from lottery games to online scratchcards like “who wants to be a millionaire” there is plenty to keep you entertained during the lockdown with the chance of being a winner.

Esports is another growing area with many sporting industries shutdown for the foreseeable future. Many top footballers and racing drivers are taking to this fairly new business area for entertainment which is streamed and watched by millions worldwide.


At the outbreak of Coronavirus the demand on major supermarkets surged. The increase in purchases such as tinned tomatoes, beans, pasta, meat  and the infamous toilet roll to mention a few, resulted in scenes of empty shelves across the country. Whilst the supermarkets were adamant that we have plenty of food in the UK, the additional demand meant supermarkets couldn’t get supplies delivered to the stores, and stacked on the shelves fast enough. This was primarily due to people stockpiling of foods, resulting in shops putting restrictions on the number of each item customers could purchase.

Nevertheless, this has led to record sales figures with supermarkets such as Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Asda. In fact, all supermarkets have been going on a recruitment drive to meet demand. Supermarkets are also rewarding their staff with bonuses due to their commitment during this most difficult of times.


Usually we may treat ourselves and the family to a takeaway as a treat on a Friday or Saturday, but this area has really taken off during the lockdown we are experiencing at the moment.

Many families are spending more time together at home, especially with the closure of schools nationwide. With many major fast food companies such as McDonalds and KFC taking the decision to completely close for the time being, other takeaways are taking advantage of this and are busier than ever.

With the rise of home delivery firms such as Deliveroo it has made placing an order online easier than ever. Many food businesses, such as restaurants, have moved to delivery only and take online payments to restrict the risk of spreading the virus through contact.

Streaming services

Parents are spending more time at home and with their children (who are off school at the moment), and those without children find themselves with little to do.  Finding things to do to entertain yourself and your family has been a real test. Streaming services have been on the rise for a few years and have really come into their own during this crisis.

Services such as Amazon and Netflix have seen a rise in subscriptions so we can benefit from their films and feature series that they make themselves.

New to the market with a timely launch is Disney + which has their full back catalogue of Disney movies along with other content they own such as Star Wars and the Marvel series of movies.

The main UK channels also have their own offering such as Britbox which is a collaboration between the BBC and ITV showing a range of their dramas, comedies and documentaries from the past. Many of these streaming services also offer free trial periods which you can benefit from.

If you can think of any more business areas that are thriving during this crisis, please let us know in the comments section below.