3 Things You Need to Know About Male Breast Reduction

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 10:06 pm

Male breast reduction (also known by its more academic name, gynecomastia) is a surgical procedure that restores the shape of a man’s chest. It can help flatten your breast tissue, and get your chest area in line with the rest of your physique. In this article, we’ll look at who should be considering male breast reduction, and also run you through the basics of this procedure. So if you’re interested in Orange County gynecomastia, keep on reading!

First things first, who is gynecomastia for?

Gynecomastia is recommended to males who struggle with extra tissue in the breast area, but are otherwise of a regular weight. If you are overweight and dealing with extra breast tissue, it’s recommended that you first attempt to lose weight more naturally through diet and exercise, and only then contact a professional, if the tissue in the breast lingers.

Excess breast tissue may also be the result of a hormonal imbalance during puberty, or certain medication through adulthood, such as Lipitor.

As you might expect, if you have any major health concerns or are following strict treatments for different conditions, you may not be eligible for male breast reduction.

3 Things to know about gynecomastia

1.   You will require some downtime afterwards.

We tend to view plastic surgery as less serious, but it is, after all, just another form of surgery. As such, it involves its own set of risks and also requires that you set aside some time for recovery. Most male breast reduction patients will probably look at about 7 – 10 days of rest, minimal activity post-operation. You will be encouraged to avoid lifting or vigorous physical activities in that period, and will also be sent home with bandages around your chest, and be prescribed medication.

2.   There are risks (even though they’re minimal!).

Any doctor who tries to convince you there are no risks to the gynecomastia procedure should not be trusted. Male breast reduction, again, is a type of surgery, and every surgery carries with it its own set of risks. As with every surgery, there is the risk of scarring, and infection at the site of the wound. There is also a small chance of nerve, muscle or blood vessel damage, or of developing circulation problems (such as Deep Vein Thrombosis) later on.

Always make sure that your doctor walks you through these risks before you decide anything!

3.   Results are permanent – but you have to take care of yourself.

You might have heard that for other procedures, such as female breast enhancement, the patient needs to go in for touch-ups now and again. This is not the case for gynecomastia, since the results are almost always permanent. However, one big risk is future weight gain, which may naturally disrupt the appearance of your chest once more.

All in all, male breast reduction is a perfectly common and efficient surgical procedure to restore your chest to its desired appearance. However, always make sure that you opt for a qualified and honest doctor. Do your research before any procedure!

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