Boutique Litigation Investment Firm Ventures into Fresh Domain

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 11:02 pm

Greenpark Global, an exclusive establishment within the rapidly burgeoning litigation investment arena, has officially declared its foray into a novel sector, driven by its exceptional expansion.

Situated in Dubai, Greenpark Global stands as a bastion providing avenues to distinct litigation claims. Presently, the company sets its sights on Family Offices, aiming to engage these entities in ventures associated with litigation claims of high yield. These investments are facilitated through a new investment bond, a product of the esteemed collaborator Balqis Capital, a trusted partner with credentials documented on the Vienna MTF exchange.

The Balqis Capital 10.25% Fixed Income Bond empowers investors to collaborate with a partner boasting half a decade of expertise in the realm of litigation funding. The symbiotic relationship between Balqis Capital and Greenpark Global has facilitated the mobilisation of a sum exceeding $50 million across an array of projects, all accomplished without incurring any loss of capital over this span.

Balqis Capital has amassed a diverse portfolio comprised of pre-settlement litigation contracts (advancements) poised for execution within the subsequent half-year timeframe. These investments bear an anticipated timeline for resolution, spanning from 12 to 24 months.

The litigation market has witnessed substantial expansion in recent years, with projections indicating a potential to amass global revenues of $25.8 billion by the year 2030.

Laura Mann, the visionary Founder behind Greenpark Global, articulated: “In the realm of alternative investment, litigation funding presents an innovative avenue to amplify returns and infuse diversity into an investor’s portfolio.

“We have witnessed remarkable returns over the last quinquennium collaborating with high-net-worth investors, and now we are primed to extend our offerings to a fresh demographic. This transition not only propels our firm’s expansion, but also allows us to allure a new breed of investors drawn to litigation claims that yield high returns and warrant substantial input.”

For further insights into Greenpark Global’s endeavors, please direct your attention to their official website:

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