Standard Life Investments’ MyFolio range recently reached £10bn* in assets under management, thanks to strong client demand for risk-based portfolios.

MyFolio funds are a sophisticated yet simple solution which enables investors to choose the level of investment risk they are comfortable taking. Investors in the funds have access to a global, diversified investment portfolio that is managed for them by a team of experts seeking to achieve the best possible returns for the chosen level of risk.

In October 2010, a suite of 15 MyFolio growth fund options were launched, followed by a further 10 income funds in January 2012. Offering a choice of active and index-based investment strategies across five risk levels, the risk-based fund choices now form a core part of Standard Life Investments’ UK Wholesale business.

Bambos Hambi, Head of Fund of Funds Management, Standard Life Investments, said;

“As a Company, this is a significant milestone for us. It confirms that the investment process we adopted at the outset is delivering as intended which, when combined with clear and effective communication, continues to hit the mark for advisers and investors alike.

“Across the range, our funds are delivering what they set out to do. During the last year cumulative returns** for investors were commensurate with the risk they chose to take. This ranged from 7.6% for a lower risk fund to 25.3% for one of our highest risk funds. Over three years, the same outcomes were realised, with returns graduating from 12.5% to 33.0%. Since the launch of the growth funds in 2010, total investment returns to investors range from 30.7% to 72.0%.

“This consistently strong performance has helped MyFolio attract strong flows, during what has been a prolonged period of market volatility and economic uncertainty. During this time, investors have been keen to benefit from a flexible investment solution which offers diversification across 18 asset classes. The whole of market fund selection is also a great attraction, allowing investors access to global investment talent in one simple solution.

“In order to accommodate the organic growth of the range, our Fund Solutions Team, which undertakes all of the fund manager research, has also grown from five to twelve members over the last six years. This gives it strength and breadth to undertake research right across the investment spectrum. This milestone serves to refocus our energy and determination to provide investors with the robust and consistent returns they have come to expect.”

MyFolio Funds are available through direct investment, via Standard Life platforms and tax wrappers (excluding stakeholder) and via selected third party platforms. They are available to invest in through Standard Life’s Wrap, FundZone Mutual Fund Platform, International Bond, Individual and Group Pensions including SIPP, Group SIPP, Active Money SIPP and Active Money Personal Pension, Tailored and Capital Onshore Bonds (Level and Stepped).