People can become full members of the luxury Club by investing in the hotel chain. This allows them to enjoy exclusive benefits such as the ability to earn money passively while on vacation. Clients are also able to get huge returns by getting referrals to join the chain. As a full member, they also get their own private travel agent to make their trips memorable. There are many more customised services offered to owners, and these seem to be affordable for most people. Here are some reasons why it seems judicious to make an investment with this company:

To Get to Spend Holidays in any Hotel of the Brand Global Great Hotels is a large chain. By investing in it, customers are entitled to a minimum of 14 days of their annual travels in any of the hotels of the chain. The number of nights spent be spread out to the various spaces. For example, a member can choose to spend 1 week in any of the hotels of the portfolio and another week in a different one. Global Great has 11 hotels in Spain (including the Balearic, mainland Spain and the Canary Islands) but also organizes their holidays on 5 continents, and this gives them many options to choose from. The spaces in this hotel chain have a maximum of three bedrooms (capacity for up to 8 people), meaning customers can spend their real estate periods with their family and friends. It is worth noting that this chain is made up of luxurious and stunning hotels. They are all located in suitable locations, and clients can be sure to receive first-class treatment when they visit any of them. All members of the hotel get a private travel agency. This agency will help clients make the most out of their holidays. It will arrange their flight, car rentals, cruises, weekend breaks and road trips. Global Great Hotels customers seem to be able to get the best prices and quality of services available in the area they choose to stay.

To Make Money by Renting Out the Real Estate Periods Investing in the chain does not mean owners have to stay at the hotels themselves. They can get someone else to stay in the hotel for the given duration. The price they charge for the reservation is up to them, meaning they even make a profit in the process. Usually, owners leave this task to the Hotels which deal directly with Tour Operators in order to rent out the periods. This enables the clients to get a good return on their investment, like a buy-to-let property. They can then holiday anywhere else in the world at very discounted rates through the private Travel Agency. They can also spend their holidays in any hotel of the brand for just a small booking fee.

To Make Money through the Referral Programme Clients of Global Great Hotels will be able to take part in the referral program and get at least €1,600 for every customer they bring to the hotel. They might also win the Sponsor of the Year award, and this will earn them an extra €5,000. To get the Sponsor of the Year award, they must have at least three full-member referrals in a given year. This program also allows them to rent out their referrals weeks. The amount they charge for these rooms is up to them. Sending invites to potential members of the hotel has been made very easy.

They have all the tools needed to advertise the hotel. Through their account, they will be able to directly send invites on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and email. They can also invite people to the hotel by posting ads using their unique referral link. In order to confirm that a referral has been accepted by the hotel, they will have to log into their account and check their referrals list. They can then confirm their booking and fill in a few details about the referral. For example, they need to include details on the arrival date and the flight number. Special Rates It is also possible for customers to rent out their real estate periods and still stay at any hotel at a low rate (£150 to £300 depending on the season and the capacity). If they choose to let Global Great Hotels rent out their periods on their behalf, they will have to inform them before the next year starts. Tour operators will rent out their apartment for its full cost minus 15 percent commission. That does not mean the owners will not be able to stay at the hotel. They can still spend nights and days at any Global Great hotel for a small booking fee. With their private travel agency, Global Great clients can travel to any destination they want. Their own travel agent will book all services they may need to enjoy a truly hassle-free, amazing holiday experience. Members will enjoy flight reservations, car hire, cruises, safaris or even tailormade tours at exceptionally discounted rates.

The Company regularly sends out great special offers for their clients. If they need to change some details in the offer, they simply have to contact the Customer Services. For example, they may want to bring more guests or change the arrival date. These offers are specifically meant for full members. It looks like this Company offers many benefits to its clients. The most important of these advantages is the fact that they will be able to turn in a profit as they enjoy their vacation. Once they make their investment, they will also enjoy staying at the hotels at a much lower cost. Customers are given regular heavy discounts for special destinations, and they can choose to edit some details on these offers. Generally, this Company aims at giving members high value for their money. Real estate periods in general, and more specifically Global Great Hotels will probably be more and more praised by investors and travellers in the next future.